Yesterday evening I attended the Yagolicious Beauty Affair as one of the makeup artist on the glam squad, which was held at the Beauty Bar in the city from 6 PM -10 PM.  The event was cool, especially the free manicures, massages, and bra fitting by The Bra Fit Experts.

The highlight of my evening was being able to give my favorite ‘bad girl’,  Flo a mini-makeover.  She loved the colors I used from Yago’s paintwheel.  I also learned that she used to do makeup as well, along with some other things.  She’s MAD cool & funny! We chatted a lot, and even exchanged info!

Me Doing Flo's Makeup

Bra Fit Experts….

Someone getting a massage. I heard this lady was amazing!

Yagolicious Debuted her palette’s from the Fall Collection…

Yagolicious Paintwheels….

The giftbags…

I got a $50 Gift Card to use at the Madison Skin & Laser Center and a Gift Card for a ‘Gold Facial’ from Rani Spa’s New York, along with a pair of peacock earrings, a Candy Flavas scented candle, manicure set, travel mirror and some other items.

***Please excuse the blurry pics. I had to use my blackberry camera since I left my camera at home by accident .:smh:. Pregnancy brain/ forgetfulness.

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