Sunday, I did a sweet sixteen makeup party. It was a really fun experience. It’s good to see young girls interested in makeup, and just being interested in beauty period.

There were about 6-7 people including the birthday girl. I did a full-face on the birthday gil, and she was used as my demo for the rest of the girls at the party.  She wanted to learn how to do a neutral, everyday look, a smokey eye, a cat eye, and a fun, colorful, dramatic look.

I first taught them about basic makeup application.  Then I went on to teach them a neutral look,  that they can easily transform into an evening smokey eye.  The last look was the colorful dramatic look.  I took the birthday girl’s a step further by adding a cut crease.  The rest were too intimidated to try it out, but they did get the hang of the other stuff.  They also learned how to apply a strip lash, which, surprisingly, they got.

Overall, it was a great experience. I am definitely open to doing it again but for a smaller group unless I have an assistant.  After running around, helping everyone; doing corrections, answering individual questions,  and explaining other things, I was exhausted! But, I had fun! That’s what counts.

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  1. This is truly amazing. It is really good to know that young women are interested in taking care of themselves and wanting to look beautiful. I would gladly assist you!!!

  2. sounds like big fun. this is what my 13 year old niece wants for her 14th bday. my sister and i said a firm 'no'. i think my sister will consider it for when she turns 15 or 16.

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