I can’t remember how, but I came across MySkin.com which is a wonderful site that enables you to find effective skincare products for your skin type. How you ask?  Myskin.com provides an assessment with a few questions regarding your skin type, how your skin manages with the sun, products you use etc.  After the assessment is completed, product recommendations are presented to you.

 Currently they have over 80,000 products in their data base, and they tell me they’re adding more each day.  Several Amway products that I use aren’t up there. Hopefully they will be added in the future.

With this information, they give you new suggestions of products that are similar to those you’re currently using. They also show you products that other users rated with your exact same skin characteristics. So, you’re getting recommendations and are able to see actual reviews from your peers.

You are given the option to purchase your products via links they provide to online retailers. Don’t get it twisted, MySkin.com doesn’t market or sell products, they just provide the information for you by listing multiple sites that sell the product you want/need. Another perk of this site is that they notify you of when your product is on sale!

MySkin.com also has other cool features, such as a blog, and forum.  Think of it as the Specktra.net of skincare.  I’d definitely recommend it for people who are interested in gaining more skincare product knowledge, and improving their skincare.

Check the site out!


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