Saturday, I did my hair as usual.  My stylist was VERY late, so I didn’t get out early like I usually do.  I wasn’t upset because she went out the night before to celebrate her birthday.  It happens.

My family was over (my 2nd oldest sister, my bro-in-law, niece & nephew), so we grilled.  I wish I took a picture of the food. Oh well.

Great start to a sunday morning! Sunday, my friends (Shannon, Chris Foxx), some other people  (MisswhoeverUR) and I did the drunk brunch at the sunburnt cow in the city.  The offer of unlimited drinks with brunch for $18 was appealing, however, it was hot as hell outside where they had us, and the drinks were warm, and mediocre to say the least.  I prefer quality over cost any day.  I guess they figure people will be drunk while eating, so they won’t be able to taste how good or bad the food is.

Here’s what most of us got…

Omelet of the Day – Asparagus, Tomatoes and cheddar.

Hamburger with the Lot – Chris got this & he couldn’t eat it because he was too hot & hungover from the night before.

Buttermilk Banana Pikelets – These were very dry & the syrup was watered down.

Moo Mary – It was okay… Just way to spicy for me.

My eye’s from yesterday

My outfit

7 Comments on Weekend Recap – BBQ’n & Drunken Breakfast

  1. Love the eyemakeup and the omelets looks really good 🙂
    I havent tried the ELF polishes yet, but in general its either hate or love when it comes to their products. Some are really good and some are just terrible (Like their eyeliner brush, yuck). But im looking forward to trying their polishes out, hope they arrive soon!

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