In April I did a post about My Current Daily Skincare Routine.  It has changed minus the exception of two items.  I still use Clean & Clear’s Continuous Control Cleaner & EM Gel (prescribed by my dermatologist). 

Morning Routine

1. Glycerin & Honey Complexion Bar.  I either use this with the face sponge pictured above (great for exfoliation & it costs $1.59 at CVS) or I just lather it up on my face with my hands.

2. Apply Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentrate & Blot off excess with a tissue. 

3. Apply Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock ontop of the Embryolisse to get some UV protection since it’s summer time!

If I want to, I go ahead and apply my makeup as usual. Since the Embryolisse creme is both a moisturizer and primer, you can forego that when applying your makeup, unless you need a mattifying primer for your t-zone.

Evening Routine

1.  Clean my face first with the Glycerin & Honey complexion bar, especially if I have makeup on. It removes all surface oils, dirt & grime.  My face feels clean without it being dried out.

2.  Cleanse my face with Clean & Clear’s Continuous Control Cleanser. 

***I started using this in the evening’s only since I began to notice (since the weather has become increasingly hotter) that my skin gets even more oily when used during the day.

3. <— Optional Step. Freeman’s Pineapple Facial Enzyme Mask.  Wait 10 minutes & wash off.

4.  Apply a very thin layer of EMGel in the needed areas.

*** I stopped using this during the day because it tends to flake.  I don’t need to walk around with my face looking like it’s peeling.  So unnatractive.

5.  Apply Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentrate

What’s your current skincare routine consist of?

Has it changed since the summer began?

3 Comments on My Skincare Routine Part II

  1. I love this post! This is awesome. Lets the readers know we are human and we actually do use the stuff we talk about.

  2. it's all about mary kay for my skin needs these days.
    i use the mary kay miracle set. it includes a cleanser, a moisturizer, a daytime sunscreen solution and a night solution. for the summer i've switched from the normal/dry formula to the combination/oily. i'll switch back in the winter.
    for breakouts, i'll use their acne treatment gel and the blemish control toner. i only use it if i have a breakout, otherwise it's really drying.
    once a week, i'll use their even complexion mask and about twice a week i'll use their microdermabrasion set to exfoliate. i love the microdermabrasion because i see visible results.

    and no, mary kay is not paying me for this endorsement. lol. sorry to sound like an ad but it's what i use and it's been working pretty well for me.

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