From age two to twenty-five I was a horrible nail biter. I’m a member of LHCF where there are a group of nail fanatics. These girls nails are fabulous. Finally at the age of twenty-five I decided enough is enough and on January 8, 2010 I stopped biting my nails.

Like any habit or addiction you have to be ready to stop biting your nails or it just won’t work. If you beilieve you are ready I have a few tips to help you with your goal.

Duri Rejuvacote – I can’t stress this product enough. It will really help get your nails back to a healthy state.

Manicures – Most nail biters don’t get manicures because we feel are hands are ugly so what’s the point. Water manicures help give our nails much needed moisture. Hot oil manicures are wonderful for your cuticles. Most nail biters cuticles try to grow over your nail. This is your bodies way of protecting your nails. Make sure to push that cuticle back so that your nails may grow. DON’T clip your cuticles off…you need your cuticles.

Vitamins – Taking Hair, Nails, and Skin vitamins can help promote growth as well as eating calcium and magnesium rich foods.

Wraps – Silk or fiberglass wraps help strengthen your nails and may help you remember to keep those nails out your mouth.

Record your progress. I take pictures all the time so I can see how far I have come.

Reward yourself! Give yourself some incentive to really work towards your goal.

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