My family does a family & friends cruise bi-annually, so I’m going on a cruise in August for 8 days .:yay:. I am so looking forward to this since I haven’t had a “real” vacation since I went to Puerto Vallarta in October, 2009.  My friend from JHS & HS is coming (CHECK OUT HER BLOG).  I’m excited about that.  I wish more of my friends were going .:WOMP WOMP.:

Not that I need anything, but I am snooping around some sites, and came across a few items I think I need .:lol:.

This is a bathing suit my sister sent to me.  I told her she can’t wear it because she’s a mommy ( I know, I’m mean).  I think I may get it for myself. 

What do you think?

This is another one I saw on VS that I liked.  It’s very sexy like most of my swimsuits lol


Another item I’ve been wanting for a long time is a pair (or two) of Birkenstocks.  Seeing them in the June 2010 issue of Elle didn’t help with not making me want them any less.  These are super comfortable, and form to your feet.  I’m going to need a comfortable shoe while walking around the different islands.  they also come in many different colors. There’s a pair I like that has chains, which is $140; I’ll take the plain ones for $70 please!

I thought about buying a new dress for the captain’s ball.  I think I will opt out of that one since i have tons of fancy dreses, and some of them I haven’t even worn yet .:smh:.

I do love rompers though. I have several. They are just comfortable, and take no thought when getting dressed. Plus, it’s less outfits to pack.  I like these…

This first one reminds me of my all black Ruffled Shulder one I wore to my friend’s birthday in March.


This one is cute.  I love the colors, and the back is sexy. Just my luck, it’s not available.

Here’s another one I like too…


This one is cute to wear to a party. Ithin it will make my butt look weird though.


I desperately need a new digital camera.  I love my old Canon Powershot SD750, but, it’s definitely time for an upgrade.  I don’t need a high-end, professional grade camera.  I just need something that takes better pics than my old one, has optical zoom, and an image stabilizer.  Oh, and it should be 10 or more megapixels. 

I was looking at this one.


There’s another one I want. I can’t remember the Brand & Style right now though.

Any recommendations?

Another thing I want to do before I go is get another tattoo.  Maybe I will finish the one on my lower pelvic region? I’m not sure just yet.


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  1. I looove the second swimsuit. You should get some kaftans with you on the cruise, I was living in kaftans when I went on a cruise 2 years ago.

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