Warning: This may include some TMI

If you know me and/or have frequented my blog, you’ll know that I get brazilian’s frequently from one place & one waxer, Karmjeet at Shobha threading. (CLICK HERE for referenced post)

I’m going to give you a little background information first.  I started seeing Karmjeet at Shobah’s SoHo location, until she moved to Mid-town sometime last year.  Being a loyal client, I followed her there, and continued getting waxes from her.  I work & live in Brooklyn, and trooping to Mid-town for a 5-7 minute session, just didn’t seem worth it anymore; therefore, I began to look for a place as comparable to Shobha.

One of my best friends who has gone to Shobha before told me about this place, Vada Spa.  She said they were clean, cheaper, and they didn’t double dip.  All bonuses in my book.   I also heard about Vada Spa via lifebooker.com since they had a MINX nail promotion featuring Vada Spa, in which I purchased a ticket for.  Anyway, I ended up going to Vada this past Wednesday, May 5, 2010. 

I was greeted by Kate, who offered me a choice of Chardonnay or Merlot to relax.   I arrived 15 minutes early, so I had to wait for my appointment time, which was 6:00 pm. I didn’t mind.  At 6pm, my waxer, Lara came to get me, and I was taken into a private room where there was just a stand with two containers of wax on the heaters which were wrapped in foil (why? I don’t know), and the waxing table.  I was nervous because I saw no gloves, no spatulas, nothing.

Lara came back after I was undressed, and put some gloves on (they were ina drawer lol).  She then proceeded to wipe me down then add baby powder to absorb excess moisture and/or oil.  She asked if this was my 1st time, and I of course said no.  Even still, she treated me as if it were my first time.  This was cool in my opinion since after 5 weeks of not being waxed, you forget the feeling, so it’s almost like your first time all over again. Lara was quick & gentle. She made sure she got EVERY SINGLE HAIR possible!  Seriously… lol I was cracking up on the inside.  It was all over in a matter of 10 minutes, and she ended the session by saying “That’s it baby you have no hair.”   I also remember her asking me if I got laser because I was virtually hairless.  I am though, and I don’t even shave.

Overall, I had an excellent experience at Vada Spa .  I will definitely be back. Plus, it saves me a couple of bucks.  It really does beat paying $57 for a brazilian.

UPDATE: I am changing my review.  After getting waxed here, I suffered serious ingrowns.  More ingrowns than I’ve ever had before in my life.  This is what I get for “cheating” on Karmjeet at Shobha.   My boyfriend even said, “Yeah babe, don’t ever go back to them again.”

Do you get waxed? If so, what were your experiences like?

11 Comments on Review: My Brazilian Experience at Vada Spa NYC

  1. I have never got a Brazilian wax before and I'm too scared to get one lol even though it sounds very interesting since most girls do want one for the summer season.

  2. I've been to Vada Spa before I had a bad experience with their Hard wax- I've been waxing for over 4 years now.
    I usually go to Soho Nail for my $25 wax instead, but everyone was raving about Vada so I decided why not.
    Put it like this vada spa had to pay me back twice and offer me free services. Never again. I've been back at Soho nail
    now I doubt I will ever make a b line for 6th avenue again- not even for Minx. 🙁

    • Awww sorry to hear that. I have been going to Shobha for years. I LOVE them. My waxer is just so far. I’ve always been skeptical about trying some other place, but two of my friends go to Vada for waxes, so I figured why not. I used to go to MGM Studios on Old Country Road, and they did cold wax, it was a great experience (probably too far for you).

  3. I went to Vada Spa two yrs ago for a massage, mani and pedi for my bday. It was the worst massage I ever had in my life. I will never go back there for a massage. As for the mani and pedi, it was cool. They did a good job.

  4. I have been punking out on getting a Brazilian for years now, but planning to get it done for my upcoming vacation. Thank you for this detailed review as I am in NYC and have been looking for a spot. I will be checking this place out!

    Loving your site girl, come check me out! http://www.theglamorousgleam.com

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