I went to the MAC boutique on Montague street for the preview of the To The Beach Collection, which was sponsored by Ciroq.  It started at 7pm.  They had us standing outside in the rain until a few minutes after 7pm.  It was extremely packed, so I was in and out.  I swatched, made my purchase & bounced.

This collection debuts in-store on May 27th, 2010 in the U.S./Canada. 

 I did a video haul CLICK HERE to watch.

Swatches of the lipsticks

Left to right: Sweet & Punchy, Sand & Sun, & Firecracker ($14.50 Each)

Creme Bronzer in Weekend ($25)

Marine Life High-Light Powder ($26)

Thrills (Frost) Lipstick ($14)

These were the drink servers

The look I hurried home to create CLICK HERE for tutorial

Here are some other things I want from the collection:

1.  Splashing L/G

2. Bronze Body Oil

3. Funbathing L/S (purchased)

4. Lip Pencils (Temperature Rising & Life’s A Breeze)

5. Another Marine Life High-Light Powder (purchased)

6. Getaway Bronze Blush

Did you purchase anything from the collection? If so, what?

17 Comments on Haul: MAC To The Beach Collection & Look

  1. Gorgeous eye look on you! I think I might pick up the following products: Sand & Sun Eyeshadow, Flurry of Fun lip glass, Weekend cream bronzer, Float On By Kohl pencil, Scorcher Nail Polish and possibly the Bronze Body Oil. I have to see the Marine Life High-Light Powder in person…might be dupe for something already in my makeup kit. Thanks for sharing babe!

    Karen (aka MakUpDiva)

  2. Love your look! You got me wanting soooo much from the collection now…lol. That Montague St store is super tiny, right?

  3. I love the look of Marine Life High-Light Powder, so cute! Your eyes look fantastic, lovely and bright, just what we need for summer! I am dying to pick up a few MAC goodies but my nearest store is about a 45 minute drive! I may just have to do it! xx

  4. I love the look very nice, guess I will be picking up some stuff, it going to suck because I can't get my discount because of the packaging, DAMN, LOL

  5. Great haul. I'm so jealous you got to go to a preview party. I love attending those but we didn't have one here this time. Enjoy your new goodies.

  6. I love the packaging on everything, it's so cute! I love beach themed stuff. I was so excited for this collection, but after seeing everything I think that I'll only be getting Hipness blush if anything. I was so excited for the marine highlight powder, but I don't think that I like it much as a blush shade and it's def too dark of a highlight for me :/

  7. I really like the boxes ! I'm a huge fan of coral reef fauna and flora and for me this collection is a wonder. I would like to buy Marine Life and Frost. It looks great.
    I like your look. It's so refreshing !

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