I am doing this post since many of you have asked me either here or on twitter what items are must haves for your kits.  I just want to say that depending on the type of makeup you’re doing (wedding, editorial, theatrical etc) the items you have in your kit will vary. So below, you will find the basics. 

*** If you’re just starting out, try to find sales & go to your local drugstore. 

Makeup Application Tools

  1. Makeup Brushes – Anyone, from a makeup artist to an everyday person needs a good set of brushes to apply makeup.  Invest in good brushes.  They don’t necessarily have to be MAC or Billy B. brushes; you can find pretty descent brushes from Crown Brush or Coastal Scents, even Sonia Kashuk’s line at Target. 

      Basic Brushes to have:

  • Powder Brush
  • Concealer Brush
  • Eyeshadow Brushes: a smaller one that can be used to cover smaller spaces like the lid, a larger one that could be used to apply a “wash of color” across the entire eye area and could also be used to blend color softly, and a crease brush which is used to apply a darker contour of color in the crease of the eyelid.
  • Eyeliner Brush
  • Angled Liner Brush
  • Blush Brush
  • Eyebrow Brush/Eyelash Comb
  1. Cotton Swabs
  2. Disposable Mascara Wands
  3. Disposable Lipstick Applicators – Doe Foot or the Regular Brush
  4. Disposable Cosmetic Sponges/Wedges (get latex & latex free just incase you encounter someone who has a latex allergy)
  5. Eyelash Curler –  Have both types, the regular and the Japanese type. The Japanese curler works best for people who have tiny eyelashes.
  6. Tweezers – Slant Tip & Precision

 Makeup Products

***It’s best to get things in palette form since it makes everything more compact & it’s less stuff to carry in your kit.

  1. Concealer/Corrector Palette
  2. Foundation Palette – Try CameraReadyCosmetics.Com, RCMA, Graftobian.  Make sure the foundation you get can be used on different skin types (oily, dry, combo etc)
  3. Powder
  4. Eyeshadow Palette – 120 Palettes are good if you’re on a budget, but eventually invest in something else. Try Stars Makeup Haven, Yaby etc
  5. Lipstick palette
  6. Contouring/Blush Palette
  7. Foundation Primer
  8. Eyeshadow Primer
  9. Moisturizer – Make sure you have a Non-oily one so that you’re prepared for clients with different skin types
  10. Lip conditioner
  11. Eye brow gel
  12. Eyebrow Powder
  13. Mascara
  14. Eyeliner
  15. Lip Pencils
  16. Clear Gloss 


  1. Hand Sanitizer
  2. Makeup Sanitizer – Beauty So Clean
  3. Two Ply Tissue
  4. Makeup Remover/Makeup Remover Wipes
  5. Package of Mints – Just in case
  6. Brush Cleaner
  7. Alcohol Wipes
  8. Spatula/Mixing Tool
  9. Mixing Palette
  10. Eyelashes
  11. Lash glue – Duo Adhesive or LashGrip

 The best place to purchase stuff for your kit (disposable wands etc) is Alcone Co and try to apply for discounts from cosmetic companies.  You NEED a business card.  

What’s in your kit? Where do you purchase your stuff from?

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  1. There is a brilliant online shop calledwww.thepromakeusphop.com that sells an amazing range of disposble mascara wands (10 different wands) that replicate all the great brands as well as great brushes, applicators and essential tools for makeup pros and people who just love makeup. Great prices and easy shopping.

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