Earlier this week I posted Makeup Brushes & Uses Part I.  Just as you have makeup brushes specifically for your eye area, there are brushes that are used to apply makeup to your face.



Face brushes are used to apply foundation, powders, concealers, blush, contouring, and highlighters.  Below is a list of the different face brushes along with their uses.

Foundation Brush:  Flat shaped & long bristled, and tapered at the end.   Used to apply cream & liquid foundations.  I typically use a sponge instead since you end up using less product with a sponge (when wet).   I also use my foundation brush to apply my cream blushes.  Example: Sigma F60 Brush



Concealer Brush:  It’s narrow & firm, and tapered at the end.  Similar to the foundation brush, except smaller (in most cases) to ensure even application of concealer in smaller areas such as under the eyes.  It’s This brush allows your concealer to be concentrated on the area/blemish you’re trying to cover.  These work best with cream concealers (MAC Studio Finish Concealer or Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer). Example: Sigma F70 or F75


Powder Brush: Has a large, fluffy brush head.  This brush is used to apply powder products, such as foundation, loose setting powder, and blotting powder.  For the most natural application, buff the powder onto your face in a circular motion.  Example: Sigma F30



Blush Brush:  You can think of this brush as a smaller version of the powder brush.  The brush is either rounded or sloped/angled, which is perfect for contouring. Example: Sigma F10, F15, F40, F84



Stippling Brush:  This is sometimes referred to as a skunk brush since it’s a two-level, two-toned (black & white) brush.  It’s a blend of goat hair & synthetic fibers.  This brush is used for lightweight application of powder, liquid or cream products, to give you soft layers or add texture.  When used with foundation, it gives a airbrushed look.   If you’ve watched my video’s, you’ve seen that I use this brush to apply my supr bright/pigmented blush. to get a light touch of color & not look clownish.  Example: Sigma F50




Fan Brush: It’s in the shape of a fan.  They can be large, medium or small.  These brushes have several different uses, such as applying blush, blending, adding highlighter to the cheekbones, cleaning up (wisping away excess powder or fallout from eyeshadow under the eyes), blending (soften a dramatic look). Example: Make Up For Ever (MUFE) has several. I got mine from coastal scents.


Tapered Face Brush:  I don’t really use this brush too often, but when I do use it, I use it to apply loose setting powder in smaller areas like under my eyes to set my conceale r& blend it out.  It’s used the same way as a contouring brush would be, which is for sculpting & shaping.  and can be used to apply highlighters.  Example: Sigma F25 or F35


Kabuki Brush: This is a fat brush with a short flat head & stem.  The brush head can be round or flat.  The brush fibers should be soft.  This brush is used to apply powder based [mineral] foundation or powder, as well as blush and bronzers.  Buff the powder onto your skin in circular motion for best application. Example: Sigma F82














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  1. I don’t have very many brushes. I have a small Sephora set. They’re good. However, there are many brushes that i don’t have. I hope to keep collecting them over time. 🙂

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