I was invited to attend the Essence an Johnson & Johnson for WEEN event hosted by Mikki Taylor, that took place last week Saturday, March 27, 2010  at the W hotel Union square.  The panel consisted of  Dr. Cheryl Burgess of Black Opal, celebrity MUA’s Derrick Rutledge, and Tia Dantzler,  along with Joelle Lyons.  Sam Fine & Lisa Wu Hartwel (RHOA) was also in attendance, and shared some of their beauty secrets.  
If you check other beauty blogs, you will be able to see what each panelist said during the event.  I was unable to attend, so the person who contacted me sent me what I would have received in my “swag bag” which contained Johnson & Johnson products: (1)baby oil, (2)baby oil gel, and (2)baby creamy oil.  

The world of baby oil gels aren’t new to me at all. In fact, I love them.   I’ve used the Aloe, Chamomile (discontinued), Lavender (discontinued) and  the Cocoa Shae Butter gels.  Throughout the life of my blog, I’ve mentioned using Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel.  I talked about my use of it during the cold winter months in my “Beat Dry, Flaky Skin this Winter” post, and in a post I did last summer (2009) titled, “Tanning Season: Achieving the Perfect Summer Glow.”

I use Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel ($3.29 at Target) for several things besides the obvious, which is keeping my skin soft & moisturized (locks in up to 10-times more moisture).  I’ve used it to take off my eye or lip makeup.  I’ve used it on my cuticles while giving myself an at-home manicure.

As my previous posts stated, J&J baby oil gel is best used immediately after bathing/showering, and when used with a lotion on-top.  Don’t use too much because a little goes a very long way.  This is a great product for people who love baby oil, but don’t like the runny mess it can create.  Since they sent the Baby Creamy Oil, I can use that instead of the regular lotion I was using.

I’ll let you guys know how I liked the Baby Creamy Oil after I’ve tried  it.

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  1. After shaving this stuff is the bomb! I wish I was invited. Looks like it would of been fun.


  2. I just purchased the creamy oil last week and its about gone. I love it- it smells so good. I reviewed it on my blog!

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