I just de-potted 8 of my MAC eyeshadows so I can take them & trade them in for something (lipstick, lip glass or an eyeshadow).  ***Any suggestions guys?***

Here’s what my palette looks like now (one is missing). The first pic is with flash. The second pic is without flash.

Don’t forget that if you have 6 MAC cases you are able to trade them in for something.  It’s best to go to a MAC boutique instead of inside of a department store because the boutique gives you more options, whereas the department store counters I believe only allow you to trade for a lipstick.

De-potting my MAC eyeshadows is good to me because it saves a ton of space in my kit.  Even if you don’t have a kit, and you just do makeup on yourself, it will save you tons of space at home.

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