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The Importance of Primer: Keep your Makeup Lasting all Day

In this post I’m going to talk about ways I keep (and probably most other people) my makeup lasting all day.   I use a primer; one for my eyelids and one for my face (foundation primer). 

Primers in general, prepare your skin for makeup application by providing a smooth, even surface free of lines and wrinkles (if you have them) and minimizes larger pores. Primers give makeup something to “grab” onto, making your makeup last longer, lessening the need for touch-ups throughout the day.  It’s not good layering makeup on top of old makeup.  Plus, you will decrease the likelihood of your makeup having that “cakey” look you see when people layer makeup throughout the course of the day.

Most foundation primers are silicone based, fragrance free and oil free, and come in a gel to powder formula.  A makeup primer is great for people with very dry and sensitive skin since it nourishes the skin and calms inflammations, and if using a color-correcting primer, it can help even out skin tone and discoloration. There are also special formulations for people with oily skin as well, which are called mattifiers, and I use this type.   

Foundation primers allow you to use less of your makeup since your foundation isn’t absorbing into your skin. The primer acts as a base, with the foundation adhering to the primer rather than the skin itself. With a primer reducing the imperfections of the skin’s surface, less of the product is needed to cover those areas.

Primer Application
1.  Apply Moisturizer & blot off excess with a tissue 
(apply an oil-free moisturizer  if you have oily skin)
2. Let the moisturizer set for 5 min
3. Put a little bit of primer on the back of your hand (warms it) 
4. Apply the primer with a  sponge all over your face in a stippling motion. 
***When using a mattifying primer, make sure to apply it to your t-zone or any areas you tend to be oily the most.***
5. Apply foundation after primer has set. 

These are the one’s I’ve used.  
***MUFE’s All Mat & Tarte are my favorite***
1. Givenchy Mister Mat Mattifying Foundation Primer – $30 at Sephora
(Doesn’t work & broke me out)

2. MUFE All Mat – $45 at Sephora & MUFE 

3. Tarte Clean Slate Primer – $30 at Sephora 
Look out for my next post on Eyelid Primers & Eyeshadow Bases

Thank you!


24 Comments on The Importance of Primer: Keep your Makeup Lasting all Day

  1. Again, another great post!

    Soo even when I apply my primer…the Studio Fix POWDER still doesn’t blend well for some reason..I’ve tried it with the MAC 129 & 150 brush.

    I think it’s because my skin is more on the dry side & I need to use the Studio Fix Fluid instead. I really do like the Studio Fix Fluid better too. I just get very lazy to apply it & the powder seems quicker.

  2. What’s a good primer that you can find at a lower price for girls on a budget? Love the post very informative.

  3. @FaceSplash Makeup Smashbox is good it makes your skin smooth. It didn’t help with my oiliness though

    @SherylJ try Smashbox photofinish, Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch, Laura Mercier

    @Nic Harmon aka. Miss Nic try Monistat chafing gel $8!

  4. You look so great!!! I’ve been a long time primer believer 🙂 Great post!

    Can’t wait to the eyelid one…I have not found the one for me 🙁 I’ve used almost everything

  5. I always skip using primer coz my skin is very oily,I thought most of the primers are just the same, I never knew that there’s a matifier kind for oily skin, wow, thanks for sharing, I’ll certainly get one for myself soon=D

  6. i hv smashbox primer make up. but never try it. ;o
    because im lazy lol 🙂

    maybe i should try it .. hehe

  7. Great post, I really need to look for another primer because the one I have isnt great at the moment. Then again, Im not sure anything can stand up to the Aussie heat!

  8. Thanks for checking my out! Love your blog I’m following back, thanks for putting up this post it’s so funny that I was thinking about hitting the store for some primer this morning. Now I think I’m going to pick up the clean slate and give that a try. I’ve also tried The Present by Philosophy, I though it was pretty good as well.


  9. I just apply some sort of moisterizer… I had no clue it had a name, lolll. I leared to let it set for 5 minutes… that is a good tip! 🙂

  10. great blog missy 😀





  11. What an excellent post! I discovered the wonders of primers very late, but better late than never. I wish I had read a post like this one back then. 🙂

  12. I’ve just starting using primer and so agree with you on its importance.

    I use Revlon and so far, so good. My skin is pretty break out prone and I haven’t noticed any differences.

  13. And I’m so looking forward to your next post about the eyeshadow. Since reading your blog, I purchased two BHC kits and can use the tips!

  14. I’ve found that using Monistat Chaffing gel on my face and then when I finish my makeup spraying with MAC Fix + has realllllly helped my makeup last throughout the day. Great post! I like your hair in this one too. Oh and i’ve been saving up all my comments for today since my job won’t let me post comments to your site at work. I can read but can’t post. Wack! LOL

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