Over the weekend I introduced you to the world of makeup primers, in the post titled The Importance of Primer: Keep Your Makeup Lasting all Day where I talked about the different types foundation primers, and their purpose.   In this post, I will cover eyelid/eyeshadow primers/bases.  

Eyeshadow primers serve the same purpose as foundation primers, which is keeping the eyeshadow in place throughout the day, and ensure smooth application of the eyeshadows you’re applying.  Eyeshadow primers are great for people like myself who have oily lids.   If you have oily lids, and have used eyeshadow without a primer, you’ll notice that within a few hours of wear, the eyeshadow has slid off and/or creased.  
An eyeshadow base, is a base color you apply before you apply a eyeshadow to make it “pop” and become more vibrant; it ensures the eyeshadow shows true to color.  For example, applying a white cream base like NYX E/S Base or NYX Jumbo E/P in Milk,  before applying a blue eyeshadow will make the color “pop.”  An eyeshadow base can also help prevent creasing but it doesn’t always work.

List of Eyeshadow Primers I’ve used/use

1. Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP) Original – $18
– This is my HG eyelid primer.  I use it in all of my tutorials & during regular makeup applications.  It’s sheer/totally nude.  Goes on smooth with a thin, creamy consistency.  A little goes a long way. 

2. Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP) Sin  – $18
– Nice champagne color when applied to lids, which allows you to wear it alone.  Great for use under shimmery/metallic eyeshadows. I love this just as much as the original. 

3. Bare Escentuals PrimeTime Eyelid Primer – $16
– It works well.  I don’t like the applicator. I usually use a concealer brush with it.  It a little too thick for me, and it makes my lids look “ashy.”  A little goes a long way.  

List of Eyeshadow Bases I’ve used/use

1. MAC Cream Colour Base (Luna) – $16.50
-Multifunctional product; can be used on lips, eyes and cheeks.  Be careful which base you use since all are not made to be used on all parts of your face.  It has a creamy/gloss consistency which allows e/s to stick.  I find it works best when used with a primer under.  Do not apply too much or you WILL experience creasing.  Can be applied with a concealer brush or finger. 

2. NYX Jumbo E/P  (Milk) – $3.50
– This is the HG base for most makeup junkies, mua’s, and beauty bloggers.  It works well, especially with bright colors. It comes in a variety of colors, but you mostly see Black Bean and Milk used most. Apply directly to the lid & blend out with a brush.

3. NYX E/S Base (White) – $6
– This to me is just the Jumbo E/S pencil in a jar; similar consistencies.  The Jumbo E/S Pencil is less.  They work the same to me. 

4. MAC Paint Pot (Quite Natural)-  $16.50 
-This has a creamy consistency, and dries to a nice smooth finish.  Creates seamless coverage without the weight or caking.  This is great if you have discoloration on your lids since it’s pigmented enough.  Available in matte & pearl formula’s.  It also comes in a variety of colors, which gives you the option to use it as a an eye prep, or go for a more bold/vibrant color to make your eyeshadows “pop.”  

***Bargain Hunter Alternative’s***
1. L’Oreal Decrease Eyeshadow Base – $7.99 at Walgreen’s
2. Victoria’s Secret PRO Lasting FX Eyeshadow Primer – $8 at Victoria’s Secret
3  Concealer (works well for me) 

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14 Comments on The Importance of Primer II: Eyeshadow Primers/Base

  1. i personally used most of the above (except for Bare Escentuals, MAC Cream colour base, NYX eyeshadow base) and i agree with you on all the reviews and i also think that you need a base under your eyeshadows. To me there is noooo point whatsoever to wear e/s without primer. period! 😛
    great reviews 🙂

  2. @Klaudia ♡☮ have you used the L’Oreal or the Victoria’s Secret ones? I haven’t tried them yet. I’ve seen them used though.

    Thank you

  3. Great post! I personally use MAC paints for my e/s base, but I’m going to try the NYX jumbo e/p. When watching your vids your colors always pop! : )

  4. Thanks for the suggestions of eye primers… Another great eye primer is Mary Kay’s as well as Two Faced…

  5. I loved that you explained the difference between a base and a primer, it bugs the crap outta me when people say it’s the same thing.

  6. Great post. Thanks for the info Kim… From your post, I learned that I probably won’t need a primer for my lids, but I definitely am gonna check out the bases!

  7. @sunny you should use an e/s primer. Not all bases keep your e/s from creasing & lasting all day.

  8. Hey, thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, I appreciate it and love getting new followers!I love the look of your blog so you have yourself a new follower now :)…I also noticed you have a YT channel so look forward to checking that out too!Alot of people I know don’t use eyeshadow primers but I think they are essential!I never go without one! Great post x

  9. UDPP was my first eyeshadow primer until I discovered Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Primers are a must and I cannot live without them.

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