Over the past few weeks I re-discovered Dove’s Beauty Bar.  I say re-discovered since I used to use it as a child when my skin wouldn’t tolerate harsh soaps like Lever 2000, Irish Spring, Zest etc.  Dove never broke me out or dried my skin.  Recently, I have been having breakouts on my forehead & the Proactiv didn’t even help.  Of course, I made an appointment with my dermatologist, but the day of my appointment, it SNOWED, so the office ended up cancelling my appointment. This reminds me I have to make another one. 

Anyway, I started using Dove’s beauty bar (white bar soap).  I kid you not, this stuff has been working well with my skin.  I use it as a cleanser, and I use it to remove my makeup.  My skin did a 180, and it’s back to clear. My skin isn’t dry either.   Check Makeup Alley for reviews.

Here’s proof that it works:  I started using it for a few weeks, and after the bar ran out, I stopped using it.  Since I stopped, I notice I’m breaking out in the same spot again, which means I need to pick up some more!

Dove’s beauty bar can be found at your local drugstore.  You can even try your dollar store too. 

Disclaimer:  Try this at your own risk.  What works for me may not work for everyone else.

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  1. I may just try this out, because my skin is like a battlefield. An extremely stubborn battlefield. :X

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