This is the last of my favorite scents series.  Over the last two weeks I’ve introduced you to Insolence by Guerlain and Lola by Marc Jacobs, and today I will end the series with my favorite scent out of my three signature scents, which is Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel for women.

This is my all-time favorite scent, next to the Insolence.  It’s feminine and sexy, but it’s still young and exciting.  It lasts all day, and the scent isn’t overwhelming.  I love Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel for women, too because it doesn’t smell the same on every person.  For example, my co-worker and I can wear it the same day, and she will compliment me on the scent, not knowing it’s the same one.

I love wearing this scent especially when I’m going out to a party/date.  It’s a seriously sexy scent, and it just seems perfect for that reason.

I’m sad that my bottle is finally running out.  My boyfriend purchased it for me Christmas of 2008, and it lasted this long! Amazing right?  Who is going to buy me a new bottle? .:lol:.

While I was going through my lucky magazine, I came across Givenchy’s ange ou demon le secret.  It smells wonderful.  I think this will be added to my collection of “signature” scents.

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