One of my best friends (we’ve been friends since elementary school) is celebrating her birthday exactly one week from today, which is Saturday, March 27, 2010.   The party is going to be at an indoor rooftop spot; pretty cool & sexy, and the dress code is all black.  All black is usually easy for me because that’s mostly what I have dress-wise, and I love to wear black.

I have two outfits (a dress or jumpsuit) which are kind of similar in design that I want to wear, but I am not exactly sure which one I should wear next Saturday.  That’s where you guys come in…

Which outfit do you think I should wear? 

***Pics aren’t too great. It’s hard taking them by yourself. lol

Here’s the jumpsuit….

13 Comments on All Black Everything: Which Outfit? Help Me Decide…

  1. The Jumpsuit. Pants are always good for a party. You don’t have to worry about being to close if you want to dance. So I would say the jumpsuit.

  2. i’ll have to go with jumper.
    i think it’s sexy yet very classy. 🙂

    Goodluck with whatever you choose. and have fun!

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