I finally received my MUFE Pro Membership Packet in the mail today. It definitely didn’t take me long to get it.  I was immediately excited. 40% off of everything MUFE! That is AMAZING!!! Especially since their stuff is so expensive.

I also received my 88 Neutrals Palette from BHCosmetics.  I must say, I am NOT happy with it. The freaking eyeshadows kept falling out! (You will see this in the video haul).  It’s not made well like the 120 Palette I bought from them.  I’m going to contact the company to see if they will send me a new palette.

The colors are well pigmented though, which is great. This palette was $21.20 + $7.95 S&H.  They sent a coupon code (bhsp21) for 15% off my next order, which expires on March 8, 2010.  
Artistry has lip applicator brushes, and dual Mascara & liner wands.  Both were great deals. I like both products.  They’re perfect for your kit if you’re building one too, especially the dual mascara/liner wand.  You’ll see in the video haul. 
I also taped a tutorial today. I’m a little peeved in it. You can totally see it in my face.  It’s because of this stupid palette & the primetime primer got in my eye on my contact!!! I’m done venting
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Thank you!

7 Comments on Haul: Make Up Forever Pro Membership, 88 Neutrals Palette, Artistry Applicators

  1. when i see the eyeshadow falling, i don’t know why, but “cloudy with a chance of eyeshadow” comes into my mind. i feel sorry for you but i cant help chuckle a little bit :p

  2. I just discovered your blog yesterday and am learning how to apply eyeshadow. I will be purchasing the two from BH Cosmetics. I recently bought a smaller kit from Sephora but most of the stuff has glitter in it.

    I usually wear makeup but on the eyes, I’m pretty basic. Thanks for your tutorials!

  3. Yeah, I don’t like the glitter either.. It makes me feel like a teenie bopper and I’m almost 30. lol.

    I purchased both the 120 First edition and the one that you have here (hopefully they won’t fall out of the casing on me).

  4. Thank you for checking out my blog & commenting. Those palettes are great & they save you money. I love them.

    I am not a fan of glitter makeup for adults. That’s just my opinion & personal preference. Plus, it’s hard to get off. YOu always see glitter somewhere days later.

    I purchased Sephora’s Blockbuster last yr. It’s just okay… The eyeshadows are not really pigmented. You definitely need a base under & build the color up in order to see it.

    Makeup by Kim Porter

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