1. Make sure you have the right tools! If you don’t have the right tools, you will not be  able to do your makeup properly.
  2. To prevent breakouts & the spread of bacteria, clean your brushes one a week if you use them often, and on people other than yourself.  If you only use them on yourself, once a month should be sufficient.  
  3. Apply makeup only on a freshly washed face.
  4. Moisturize your face prior to any makeup application.  It prevents makeup from looking caked-up, dry and ashen, and if you already have dry patches.   It also ensures smooth makeup application.
  5. Use a primer for your face & eyes.  This helps the makeup glide on & stick better throughout the day.
  6. Choose a foundation that matches your skin color (check against jawline). For concealers, check against the area you’re trying to conceal.  For example, under eye area should be at least two shades lighter than your skin color. 
  7. Apply powder for that flawless look to your face and matte down any shiny areas on your face. Gently tap the powder pad on the back of your hand before applying it on the face to shake off any excess powder.
  8. Buff in concealers to “erase” blemishes.
  9. Blend.  Blend.  And did I mention…blend! You don’t want to see where color begins or ends.  Whether it’s foundation, blush, or eye color: no hard, drawn lines.  An exception to this would be eyeliner, but I prefer even that to be smudged… just a little.
  10. Contrasting eyes & lips – play up your eyes or mouth; never do both or you will risk looking like a clown!!! For example: Nude lips w/ a smokey eye or a bright lip with a nude eye.
  11. Apply eyeshadow before you apply mascara just incase you have “fall-out.”  If you do have fallout, dust some translucent powder under each eye as a “net” to catch the fall out, & brush off after you finish applying the shadow, just dust it off with a small brush like a MAC/Sigma 109 brush. 
  12. Curl your lashes: Apply a thin coat first & let it dry, then go back & curl it with an eyelash curler, and apply the last coat of mascara. 

Don’t be afraid to try makeup.  The only way to learn how to apply it, and know what works best for you is to practice. Sam Fine said it best:

My only advice is to try makeup. Many women of color are afraid of wearing too much makeup or making mistakes, so they don’t use any at all.  Even an artist such as myself has made mistakes and chosen the wrong shade. However, each mistake and incorrect purchase has helped lead me to find the right shade and gain a greater understanding of makeup application!


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