LUNA by FOREO for Sensitive/Normal Skin Review

LUNA by FOREO Review

PR SAMPLE | AFFILIATE LINKSLUNA by FOREO Sensitive/Normal SkinI’m back with another FOREO product review courtesy of iFABBO, but this time I am reviewing their innovative facial cleansing device, the LUNA by FOREO for Sensitive/Normal Skin.

The LUNA by FOREO is not your everyday cleansing device. It’s a gentle, yet effective cleansing tool that works double duty with its cleansing and anti-aging properties. It features T-Sonic™ Technology, which send up to 8,000 pulsations per minute to aid in the gentle removal of dead skin cells, unclog pore of 99.5% of dirt and oil, and 98.5% of makeup residue. FOREO also makes claims that the lower frequency anti-aging surface help smooth out fine lines. But, how does it really measure up?

Just like the ISSA by FOREO that I previously reviewed, the LUNA by FOREO is made up of non-abrasive silicone material that feels both smooth and soft on the skin. The silicone also provides the LUNA by FOREO with antibacterial properties, which FOREO claims makes the LUNA™ “35x more hygienic than standard sonic cleansing brushes.”

LUNA by FOREO Review _ Different Sides

FOREO claims that after “…2 minutes using your LUNA™ morning and night the [LUNA] leaves the skin looking naturally beautiful with a healthy-looking glow, while lessening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.“

Using the LUNA by FOREO is easy. It’s just like using any other sonic cleansing device. When cleansing my face, I normally wet both my face and the device, and then apply my favorite cleanser to the LUNA™ and turn it on.  The LUNA™ pulsates, although ever so lightly, when it’s time to move on to another area of the face, which is a good way to avoid over cleansing the different areas of your face. At 30, I’m blessed to not have wrinkles; therefore, I rarely used the LUNA™ in Anti-Aging mode.

FOREO claimed that after three days of using the LUNA™, you’d notice healthier more youthful skin. In fact, they were right. Using the LUNA by FOREO both day and night combined with the other usual suspects of my skincare routine my skin has been 100 x’s clearer than it has ever been. It’s also a lot smoother.

LUNA by FOREO Review

After my experience with the ISSA by FOREO, I’m surprised at how much I am in-love with the LUNA by FOREO! I like that the LUNA by FOREO is gentle, yet effective at getting my skin clean. Unlike other sonic cleansers I’ve used that require the use of brush heads, which can be harsh and abrasive on the skin, the LUNA was the exact opposite.  Although I thought the LUNA would be hard to hold and maneuver around my face, it wasn’t. And, it wasn’t hard getting it to clean the smaller areas of my face like the sides of my nose.

I also like that the LUNA is waterproof, and can be used up to 450 times before having to recharge it, and best of all, there are no expensive brush heads to replace.

LUNA by FOREO Review in hand

Remember I mentioned that the LUNA is hygienic due to the silicone body? Usually, after a month or so of using other sonic cleansers with replaceable brush heads, my face would break out, which was probably from bacterial build-up on the brushes. Who knew? With the LUNA I didn’t have that issue.

Since I’m going to be doing a lot of traveling in the upcoming months, I’m happy to report how lightweight is the LUNA by FOREO. It also comes with a cute little pouch to tote it around, which means I can keep it in my purse for cleansing my face during my upcoming 13-hour flight. And since the LUNA™ holds its charge for up to 450 uses, I don’t have to clutter up my luggage with another charger.


Overall, I’m happy with the LUNA by FOREO for Sensitive/Normal skin. If you’re looking for an effective cleansing device that is gentle, perfect for travel, and saves you money in the long run due to you not having to purchase replacement brush heads, I suggest picking up the LUNA by FOREO. Plus, it helps that the LUNA, regardless of whichever version you pick up for yourself – Combination Skin (blue), Ultra-Sensitive Skin (white), or the male version (black) – it’s sure going to look great sitting atop your vanity.

You can purchase here the LUNA for $199 in the version that caters to your specific skincare need.

Have you tried the LUNA by FOREO? If so, are you as in-love with is as me?

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ISSA by FOREO in Mint Review


ISSA by FOREO Review

On the days I’m not wearing makeup, next to my skin, there’s always one part of me that’s always receiving compliments – my teeth. I maintain the health of my teeth and gums by brushing regularly, flossing, and rinsing with peroxide, which helps keep my teeth looking their whitest. Besides, in my book nothing beats a beautiful smile with nice white teeth, which is why I decided to test out the ISSA by FOREO in the Mint shade when offered through my iFabbo membership.

The ISSA by FOREO is described as

The world’s first electric toothbrush made completely from silicone, the ISSA™ is a groundbreaking at-home dental solution for cleaning and whitening. Just 2 minutes’ use every morning and night will leave your teeth looking whiter and brighter while a gentle gum-massage function will lead to healthier-looking gums – so you can show off your smile with confidence.

  • ISSA by FOREO Features
  • High-intensity pulsations
  • Silicone Bristles
  • 3D Flexible Brush head


My Thoughts on the ISSA by FOREO

I’m not new to the electric brush game; however, using an all silicone brush that not only prevents bacteria build up, is gentle on the gums, and easy to clean excited me.

The ISSA by FOREO has a beautiful sleek design that makes it easy to hold. The flexible brush head of the ISSA by FOREO made it easier to maneuver around my mouth. I liked the timer feature of the ISSA by FOREO that let me know it was time to move over to another area of my mouth or that the brushing session was now complete. I like that the bottom of the ISSA was flat, which allowed it to stand on it’s own, which looked nice sitting on my bathroom sink. Plus, the color options were pretty cool, too. However, the joy of having and using an ISSA by FOREO ended there.

ISSA by FOREO Brush Head

Compared to my drugstore brand electric brush, the high-end ISSA did not do a good job in cleaning my teeth. It didn’t matter how I used it, the length of time, or even the type of toothpaste – the brush just did not do a good job at removing plaque – the soft buildup. I did, however, like the gentle massage my gums received from using the ISSA.

My teeth are tightly placed together, and because of that the larger silicone bristles the ISSA by FOREO has, it made it impossible to get in between my teeth where other brushes have succeeded in cleaning.

ISSA by FOREO Buttons

Yes, it’s nice that the ISSA only needs to be charged every six months, and the brush head only needs to be replaced annually, but what’s the purpose of a toothbrush if it isn’t effectively cleaning?

Overall, after using the ISSA by FOREO toothbrush, I found that this brush was so gentle on my teeth and gums that it was ineffective at removing plaque from my teeth.   Unfortunately, the ISSA will remain sitting on my bathroom vanity making it look nice.

The ISSA by FOREO is available for $199 in three additional shades: Lavender, Cobalt Blue, and Black on the FOREO website.

Have you tried the ISSA by FOREO? If so, what do you think about it?

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SKIN INC My Daily Dose Serum Review

Skin Inc My Daily Dose

Skin Inc My Daily Dose - Purple Bottle

Serums, once you’ve hit a certain age, they become an integral part of your skincare routine. Lately, I’ve been using a custom blended serum from SKIN INC Supplement Bar called My Daily Dose. This brand may sound familiar because I’ve reviewed some of their products previously. It’s making it back on this blog once again because honestly, they have some pretty good products.

The SKIN INC My Daily Dose custom blended serum is a combination of three serums suitable for your skincare concerns, type and needs, that are blended into a single bottle. The customization process is simple: answer a few questions about your skin, and then SKIN INC will use your answers to assess the needs of your skin, and finally the three serums that will make up you’re my Daily Dose serum is presented.

Skin Inc Skin Identity

In my case, I needed a serum that would address the following skincare concerns:

  • Even tone, and reduce dark circles
  • Calm my skin whenever I have breakouts
  • Anti-oxidant protection

Skin Inc My Daily Dose

After completing my skin assessment on Skin Inc’s website, SKIN INC concluded that my ‘My Daily Dose’ serum should include Vitamin A Serum, French Pine Bark Serum, and Licorice Serum. Since purple is my favorite color, I chose a deep purple bottle to house my custom blended serum. Into the purple vial, the three serums went. It was easy getting the bulk of the serums in, but, I found I had to leave the bottles upside down to successfully empty the bottle.

I’ve been using the SKIN INC ‘My Daily Dose’ serum for at least two months now, and my skin hasn’t been better. Post cleansing, and toning, the SKIN INC My Daily Dose serum is applied (two drops cover my face), and for nighttime applications, I apply the Skin Inc. Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask. Since incorporating these into my routine, my skin is much more clearer and smoother. I’ve also seen a reduction in brown spots as well as breakouts. After using the Skin Inc. ‘My Daily Dose’ custom blended serum, I realized that it was a much-needed addition to my skincare routine.

Skin Inc My Daily Dose

After having a good experience with the SKIN INC ‘My Daily Dose’ custom blended serum, I highly recommend trying it out, especially if you’re into personalized skincare items. Take the skincare assessment on the Skin Inc. website to figure out your Skin ID. With 9 serums to choose from, My Daily Dose consists of 84 possible combinations of three serums, so you’re sure to find a serum suitable for your skincare needs.

Have you tried the SKIN INC My Daily Dose Serums? What are your thoughts on it?

Creating my Dream Beauty Station in a Small Space

Small Space Beauty Station

Small Space Beauty Station Vanity Malm Dressing Table


Ever since moving into our house, we’ve been told that we have a lifetime to make it our own. Slowly, but surely, everything is coming together. One of the most important areas that I’m making progress on is my beauty station. This area has serve multiple purposes: makeup tutorial recording station, makeup application station, manicure station, office, and etc.

In my bedroom, I have the perfect little corner with a window, which served as the blank canvas for my beauty station. For months I’ve perused pinterest and beauty blogs for ideas on how my beauty station will be set up. A recurring trend in what I saw on the sites I’ve visited were pieces from Ikea. The pieces were either as-is or repurposed AKA hacked.

Seriously, what beauty blogger do you know that doesn’t have at least one Ikea piece? None, right? So, off to Ikea I went to pick up a white Malm dressing table, which would serve as my makeup vanity.

The Ikea Malm Dressing table wasn’t too hard to put together. It took me a little over an hour, which included stopping to tend to my four year old. Lord knows that once kids see you in the middle of something they need you for everything!

Small Space Beauty Station _3

My makeup vanity cannot be bare. I picked up a few items to dress it up a little. I wanted a cuter way to showcase my perfumes, so I picked up a rectangular, mirrored vanity tray from Amazon that holds all 15 bottles of my perfumes with room for more, along with a three compartment brush holder. From TJ Maxx, I picked up acrylic trays to hold my brushes and skincare products. I also picked up two apothecary jars to house my cotton pads and q-tips.

Small Space Beauty Station

From Ikea, I also picked up three Ribba Picture Ledges, one large, and two small. The large one I will use to display my beauty books from Iman, Scott Barnes, etc. The two smaller shelves will display all of my nail polishes. Now, I just need the husband to put them up. I also need to figure out how to organize all of my makeup items.

Since my beauty station is in an area with good lighting, I didn’t have to worry much about that; however, during cloudy days or during the evenings, I’d need brighter lights other than the recessed lighting that’s in my bedroom currently. While attending The Makeup Show New York, I picked up The Makeup Light starter package. The difference this light makes is amazing! Plus, it was so simple to assemble.

Small Space Beauty Station Paige Round Back Armchair World Market

One bargain item I picked up for my beauty station was a chair. To set myself apart from the rest, I decided to forgo the acrylic seating as I’ve seen some other beauty bloggers use. Instead, I opted for a vintage style armchair in plum that I picked up from World Market for $74! It’s super comfortable, and is the perfect height for whenever I’m doing makeup or recording a makeup tutorial.

Small Space Beauty Station

Although it sounds like my beauty station is almost complete, it isn’t. There’s one vital piece missing from my beauty station, a mirror. I have yet to find a mirror that’s both affordable and fits the vision I have for my area. I also want a cute rug.

I’m just happy that everything is finally coming together, and I will soon be able to be more productive in creating more visually pleasing photos, posts and videos. Oh, and check out what I’m doing with my dining room here.

What do you think of my beauty station/vanity setup so far?  I’d love to also hear your suggestions for things I should do and/or add.

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