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Then vs Now: How my makeup has changed in my 30’s

Then vs Now Makeup in my 30s

There’s something that happens to us as we get older.  Things tend to change. If they don’t then there’s something wrong with you.  #KiddingNOTKidding Seriously, people tend to learn from the mistakes they’ve made as youths, and work on improving those things as they get older. The same thing goes for people in the makeup world, whether you’re a makeup artist or enthusiast, you’re sure to have noticed a change in the way your makeup looks now versus lets say, 5 to 10 years ago.

I didn’t start wearing makeup until I was 18, which was for my high school prom.  This makeup consisted of powder, gold eye shadow, mascara, and a gloss. And then, something happened, I began to experiment with different colors, foundation, lipsticks, blushers and bronzers; I was obsessed. I turned my obsession into a passion, and began blogging and doing makeup. Now that I am fresh into my 30’s, it seems like I’m back to where I started – back to neutrals. One thing I noticed about my makeup versus then and now, is that I am more of a ‘Less is more’ kind of gal woman.

What am I doing differently with my makeup now that I’m in my 30’s? Keep reading to find out.

Looking back at my old makeup posts and tutorials, I was into very colorful makeup. I was younger, and didn’t I mind experimenting with color to create colorful [outrageous] looks. I remember the huge lashes I loved to wear.  OMG! I look back at photos, and I think I look completely ridiculous.  Even my eyebrows went through some major changes. They’re no longer heavily drawn on. They have a softer more natural look.

These days, I’m not sure if it’s the mom in me, or if I’m becoming more conservative, or maybe it can be attributed to me not having more time to dedicate to putting on loads of makeup, but one thing I noticed is that my makeup in my 30’s is more on the neutral side.  Sure, I will add a pop of color with a colored eye pencil or even a bright lippie, but, that’s probably the most I will do. I honestly do not have the time for anything else, especially during the week.

Makeup in my 30s collage

My goal for my makeup look, especially for work and casual wear, is to look more polished than made up.  Below are some of my makeup staples for an everyday face.

  • NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation (review)
  • La Girl Pro Concealer (review)
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow (review) or IT Cosmetics YBBB Brow Pencil (review)
  • Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (review) or tarte Lights Camera Lashes
  • Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder #7
  • Anyone of my favorite colored lippies for a pop of color or if I want a straight nude/neutral look, I opt for the NARS Audacious Lipstick in Raquel (review).


I’ve shared how my makeup look and routine have changed since hitting 30. I would love to hear about your experiences, too.

Have you noticed that your makeup look has changed as you aged? If so, I’d like to hear how. If it hasn’t I’d love to hear about that, too!

Achieving Red Carpet Ready Skin using the SKIN INC Get Perfect Kit

SKIN INC Get Perfect Kit




Getting ready to watch the Oscars this Sunday has me thinking back on recent award shows, did you catch the Grammy’s a few weeks ago? I remember seeing Beyoncé and Gwen Stefani and thinking how beautiful they looked. Or what about Rihanna and Janelle Monae? On Grammy night, they all had one thing in common: flawless skin!   I’m going to show you just how I’ve been incorporating the SKIN INC Get Perfect Kit into my routine to achieve flawless, red carpet ready skin just in time for Oscar night.

After a long work week, my skin needs a pick-me-up, which is why I save my at-home facials for the weekends. This weekend’s facial is even more special since Sunday night is Oscar night.  While watching the Oscars, I’m going to revive my skin using the SKIN INC Get Perfect Kit.  After staying up late watching all of the beautiful women grace the red carpet, my skin is going to need all of the help it can get to look refreshed and glowing in time for Monday morning.

Below is a step-by-step look into how I’ve incorporated SKIN INC and the Get Perfect Kit into my skin care routine.

1. Prep my skin

After cleaning my face, I prep my skin with the SKIN INC Pure Revival Peel.  This non-abrasive peel gently removes dullness and dead skin cells.  This is a vital step as it prepares the skin to absorb nutrients from the other products included in this kit.

The results from using the Pure Revival Peel are immediately seen after washing off.  I even tested the product on the backs of my hands, which are dry and scaly, and noticed the dryness was gone, and my skin in the area was smoother.

2. Nourish my skin

Next, I apply 2-3 drops of the SKIN INC Custom-Blended Anti-Aging Serum to nourish my skin, which features some of my favorite ingredients in skincare products, like hydrating hyaluronic acid, as well as the skin repair boosting ingredient, CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10).  The serum also includes Marine-Collagen to help the skin become suppler.  Once applied to the skin, these tiny blue, green, and yellow caviar-like capsules that are infused with active ingredients (SKIN INC’s patented encapsulation technology) are released.

SKIN INC Get Perfect Kit Serum

After applying the Custom-Blended Anti-Aging Serum, I noticed it absorbed quickly, and my skin did feel hydrated afterwards.

3. Seal

Finally, I apply the SKIN INC Pure Deepsea Mask to seal in the nutrients from the other products I applied during my SKIN INC at-home facial session. This mask contains nutrient-rich Okinawa deepsea water, soya bean extracts, and hyaluronic acid, promising to moisturize, clarify, and brighten the complexion.

Have you ever used a mask that you sleep in? Neither have I, but, there’s a first time for everything, right?  That’s exactly what I do with the Pure Deepsea Mask – sleep in it.  My skin in the morning looks brighter, clearer, and is hydrated.

The Pure Deepsea Mask reminds me of a gel, however, it is light, non-sticky, and doesn’t pill up or leave residue.   It applies smoothly, and evenly, too.

After using the SKIN INC Get Perfect Kit, I wake up with flawless, red carpet ready skin just like the stars gracing the red carpet of the Oscars. Plus, my makeup applies effortlessly, too.  And the best part about using the SKIN INC products was that it didn’t take a lot of time to achieve good results.

If you’re in the market for Japanese skincare products that are pure (no added fragrance, parabens), and suitable for all skin types, even those with sensitive skin, I suggest checking out SKIN INC products.

The SKIN INC Get Perfect Kit ($65) along with other SKIN INC party-ready specials can be found at


Skin Inc


Emerald Green Smoky Eye using Black|Up Cosmetics

Emerald Green Smoky Eye Black|Up Cosmetics



Lately, I’ve been playing in a lot of makeup – creating fun looks.  Just take a look at my Instagram feed as proof.  Most of the products I’ve been loving these days are from Black|Up Cosmetics. I’ve mentioned them here previously when I reviewed their beautiful orange matte lipstick.  This time around, I’m going to show you the Black|Up Cosmetics products I used to create this Emerald Green Smoky Eye.


I’m an eye shadow first girl, which means prior to applying my foundation I apply my eye shadow.  Applying my eye shadow first prevent me from having to redo or touch-up my under eye products like concealer and powder, which can get annoying.

To create this Emerald Green Smoky Eye, I used three shades from the Black|Up Cosmetics Eye shadow Palette in PAL03.  This palette features five eye shadows in four different textures: matte, satin, metallic, and sparkling.

BlackUp Cosmetics Harmonie 3 PAL 03

First, using a blending brush, I applied the dark brown matte shade to my crease.

Second, I applied the emerald green eye shadow to my lid, and blended it up to the crease.

Lastly, I used the camel-colored matte eye shadow to blend out the emerald green and dark brown eye shadows.

Now that my eye shadow has been applied, I can now focus on my skin!

To cover up my dark circles and any blemishes I have, I used the pigment packed Black|Up Cosmetics Concealer Magic Quad in CR02, which worked well at hiding.

BlackUp Cosmetics Contour Stick

After that, I used the new Black|Up Cosmetics Contouring Stick in shade 03.  The lighter shade makes for the perfect all-over foundation for my complexion, while the darker shade adds a slightly warm contour.

The Black|Up Cosmetics Complexion Enhancer adds a beautiful glow.  I added it to my high points, like my cheekbones, and cupids bow. You can also mix it in with their CC Cream or liquid foundation, and even use it solo.

I then added some blush to the apples of my cheeks, and then I blotted out the shine in my t-zone using the Black|Up Cosmetics Two-way cake.

BlackUp Cosmetics Blush 10

To complete the look, since I couldn’t decide on which Black|Up Cosmetics lipstick to use because I loved both of the matte lipsticks I received, I chose to use both: RGE38 and RGE32.

BlackUp Cosmetics Matte Lipsticks 38M 32M

For my Valentine’s Day date night, help me decide which lip color I should wear, RGE38 or RGE32.

Beauty Deal!

Black| Up is offering our readers 20% off their products from 2/12 until 2/28 using the code: LOVE15


Indulging in “Me” Time with LUSH Valentine’s Day Treats #TheyDoExist

LUSH Valentine's Day Collection




With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, I thought it fitting to share my plans for this special day of love.  Trust me, it isn’t what you think.  Although I am married, I’ve never bought into the one commercial day to show my significant other that I love him and I’m in-love with him.  However, that doesn’t mean I do not do small things on that day either.  Last year for example, I put together a three-course gourmet dinner (menu created by the 71ateChef).  This year, however, I’m trying something different by romancing myself; I’m indulging in “Me” time with LUSH Valentine’s Day Treats.

I don’t want to get into why, but, if you’re a full-time working mom that has one million and one things going on, you know that having ‘me time’ is rare.  Thank God Valentine’s Day this year falls on a Saturday, which means I can ship off my mini me somewhere after her dance class, and take a nice long bath with one of the LUSH Valentine’s Day Treats: Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar (3.5 oz/$7.95) or Floating Flower Bath Bomb (4 oz/$6.95).

LUSH Valentines Day Unicorn Horn

The LUSH Unicorn Horn is an excellent choice to de-stressing after the end of a long day.  The blend of jasmine and neroli, the latter of which is one of my favorite scents to have in a fragrance, will both leave you feeling relaxed. With the bathroom door shut, and the lights dimmed, and even with a few candles around the tub, I almost feel like I’m at a spa.

LUSH Floating Flower

The LUSH Floating Flower bath bomb also contains what some describe as a seductive fragrance – Jasmine.  That said, Floating Flower is definitely my pick for Valentine’s Day night (or any night) since after a relaxing bath, I should be ready to take my relaxation to the bedroom.  Oops, TMI!  Anyway, the Floating Flower bath bomb not only leaves your water bright pink, and scented with Jasmine, the bathroom, my hallway and my skin are left smelling like this beautiful bath bomb, too. If you love the Flying Fox shower gel, you’ll love Floating Flower.

I know LUSH suggests using the entire Unicorn Horn or Floating Flower bomb during one bath session; however, I found that just breaking off a small piece when I needed it sufficed.

I’ve also been sharing the love by allowing my mini me indulge in some of my LUSH Valentine’s Day Treats.  I mean, if your toddler can tell you she’s had a hard week, then why not let her have a pampering bath time moment, too, right? I mean it does go along with the theme of Valentine’s Day: giving and showing love.

Whether you go out for Valentine’s Day or you’re like me, and choose to celebrate the day by giving yourself “Me” time, I’d love to know what you have planned for Valentine’s Day this year.

Check out the other LUSH Valentine’s Day treats, and let me know if you pick up any or have any favorites 🙂  Remember they’re only available for a limited time, so pick them up while they’re still available.