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Guest Post: Review: Mosaiq Fragrance Candles

Last month at the Beauty Press Spotlight Day I was introduced to a luxury subscription service “Monthly Express” who gifted all of the attendees with a fragrant candle from Mosaiq.


About Mosaiq Fragrance Candles

“Sophisticated and refined, our fragrances are designed to enhance your atmosphere and evoke the ambiance you desire. Whether for the home or the body, you will find the perfect fit for any mood, season, and occasion.”

Mosaiq Fragrance Candles provides a variety of products for the body and home in 30 different fragrances. They have candles, soaps, lotions, reed diffusers, and on August 1st will be launching 5 new personal care items: hand scream, sugar scrub, body polish, bubble bath, and moisturizing body products.

Some of the primary fragrances include:

  • Persimmon
  • Dragon fruit
  • Tabac & Vanilla Bean
  • Fig & Ivy
  • Plumeria
  • Lavender & Lemon Peel
  • Mint Leaf & Lime
  • Cucumber
  • Pine & Hemlock
  • Spearmint & Cinnamon

I was given an 8 oz. candle from the White Collection in Tablac & Vanilla which is described as:

“This fragrance is reminiscent of a luxurious den with its fire stoked and dark wood shelves full of literary treasures waiting to be brought down and enjoyed. Rich and plush tones of tobacco, vanilla, cedar and musk all at once will entice your senses.
FRAGRANCE NOTES | Cured tobacco leaf, vanilla, cedar, musk.”


My Thoughts

I am definitely a lover of candles so I was excited to use the Mosaiq Fragrance Candle.  and even before I opened the box I smelled the fragrance. It was very strong but not overpowering. I love scents that are floral, sweet, clean, and fresh, and occasionally a little minty, so the Tablac & Vanilla  Mosaiq Fragrance Candles were not what I am accustomed to, but I instantly fell in love. I wasn’t sure how I would respond the hint of tobacco, but paired with the vanilla, it is very soothing. I lit the candle in my bedroom and the scent could be smelled all throughout my apartment. One thing that I love about the candle is the hand blown glass casing. It is sturdy, which tells me that it is good quality. Also, when I burned the candle it did not burn quickly, which is great because you get your money’s worth.

I would definitely recommend purchasing this candle in this fragrance it is very calming and relaxing. It’s not scent that you would expect in the spring or summer, but it is delightful. I’m interested in trying other products and fragrances like the one’s listed above.

Currently Mosaiq Frangrance Candles has the White Collection and the Color Collection for candles.

The 8 oz. candle retails for  $36  click here to see a list of all fragrances and to purchase.

Have any of you heard of or use Mosaiq Fragrance Cancles ? 

Disclaimer: I was provided  with the candle via Monthly Express from the Beauty Press Spotlight Day. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.

Review: Lindi Skin Care Products

I’m back with another review from a brand introduced at the Beauty Press Spotlight Day! Lindi Skin was founded by Lindy Snider with her experience of watching her friends go through cancer treatment. Certain symptoms were expected from chemotherapy and radiation like fatigue, nausea, and , but no one expected the toll that the treatments would have on their skin.

“In formulating Lindi Skin products, we aligned with dermatologists, oncologists, nurses, patients and skincare formulators to create products that can treat even the most sensitive of skin. Our formulas are unique, gentle, and soothing. We use the finest ingredients for the ultimate hydration.”


About Lindi Skin

“Lindi Skin is dedicated to developing skin care products that ease the burden of common side effects experienced by individuals undergoing treatment for cancer and related disorders. Our products are intended to help individuals feel better, both physically and emotionally, and gain a greater degree of control over the side effects they experience. Lindi Skin combines state-of-the-art technology and the latest medical information with innovative ingredients to formulate superior products for a very special group of people.”

I was gifted the Lindi Face Wash and Lindi Lavender Face Serum


Product Descripton- Lindi Face Wash: The Lindi Face Wash is a gentle alternative to soap that washes without stripping and works to achieve optimal pH balance. Ordinary cleansers can cause dryness, flaking and discomfort. This gentle alternative to soap washes without stripping and works to achieve optimal pH balance. After rinsing, you can actually feel the veil of moisture laying the foundation for smooth, healthy skin. Use as often as needed for the face, neck and scalp. For healthy skin that looks and feels completely rejuvenated, follow with Lindi Face Serum or Lindi Face Moisturizer.
4 fl oz / 120 ml


Product Description Lindi Lavender Face Serum: Formulated with the highest concentration of our proprietary LSA Complex ®, replete with botanicals, antioxidants and vitamin. Formulated with the highest concentration of our proprietary LSA Complex ®, replete with botanicals, antioxidants and vitamins, this serum provides beneficial moisture and ultimate comfort to compromised skin on the face, neck, chest, back and scalp. The unique non-oily formula glides on silky-smooth and begins restoring immediately. The Serum has been clinically proven to reduce the facial rash, redness and itching that are a common side-effect of some types of chemotherapy. It’s gentle soothing nutrients also make it great for anyone who wants healthy skin.
1 fl oz/ 30 ml


All Lindi Products are Clinically Tested
Proudly made in the U.S.A. in an FDA compliant facility
Dermatologist & Allergy tested
Paraben Free
Never Tested on Animals
Backed by our 30-day 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

My Thoughts

I am very particular when it comes to skin care products because, let’s face it, it is my face that we are talking about. I don’t have sensitive skin, but there are just some products that don’t agree with me. They either cause my skin to be very dry, especially in my t-zone, or my skin just looks extremely dull. After listening to the representative about how the products were created and why, I was excited to give it a try. I must say that I LOVE both the face cleanser and the serum, but I love the serum much more. The face wash did not foam or produce a lather so it took some time getting used to that, but my skin did have a clean feeling, which sometimes is missing when I use new products. My skin was not stripped of its natural moisture because the product was so gentle. I used the face wash with my cleansing brush to get a deep clean. After I cleansed I immediately applied the serum, which has an amazing lavender scent. The serum felt like silk. It was not oily, which is often a problem with many face serums on the market today. The serum added more moisture to my face after it was washed and before I applied my moisturizer.  A few days after using the products I noticed a change. My skin was brighter, I had little to no breakouts, no drying or excessive oil in my t-zone, and my skin was extremely soft and smooth. I’ve always had “good skin” minus a few breakouts here and there, but after using these products I had a glow. I received a lot more compliments on my skin as well.

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants clear, bright, soft skin. Since it was formulated for people who are battling cancer or have been battling cancer I hope the products would not only be sensitive to minimize any irritation, but effective in yielding the results outlined in the product description.

I am very pleased with these products and I am looking forward to trying other products like their moisturizer and eye cream. They also have the face serum in a citrus scent.

Check out the other products that Lindi Skin have to offer here

The cleanser retails for $22 and can be purchased here. The serum retails for $44 and can be purchased here.

Have any of you used Lindi Skin products before?

Disclaimer: The products were provided to me by Lindi Skin via the Beauty Press Spotlight day event. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.

Review: DANTE Makeup Brush Cleanser

Dante Makeup Brush Cleanser

After applying my makeup I normally reach for a spray brush cleaner like DANTE Makeup Brush Cleanser to disinfect and clean off the makeup so they’re ready for use the next time around. Clean brushes are essential for when applying makeup to prevent breakouts, pink eye,  ensure flawless makeup application, and extend the life of your brushes.

Description of DANTE Makeup Brush Cleanser

“Ready to use anti-microbial/anti-bacterial brush cleanser that helps disinfect and prevents harmful bacteria found on brushes.  Our brush cleanser is a pure, colorless, odorless solution that will not effect fragrances or make-up tints.  A mild emollient also conditions your brush and helps bring natural and synthetic bristles back to life.”

My Thoughts

DANTE Makeup Brush Cleanser is the third spray brush cleaner I’ve used.  DANTE Makeup Brush Cleansers, when compared to the other two I’ve tried, it works just as well but without the citrus or vanilla scent, which overtime can become overwhelming on your senses, and for people with asthma or allergies.  Just to prove how well it works, I tested it out on a synthetic concealer brush I’d used to apply the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Creme Colour Concentrate in ‘BAUHAUS’ (true black), and after two sprays the highly concentrated creme was no longer visible on the brush.  The brush was also ready to use soon afterward.

As a makeup artist, it’s important to have a brush cleanser that is efficient and dries quickly, especially if you’re working on multiple faces in a specific amount of time because “Ain’t nobody got time for…” waiting on brushes to dry. It’s also important for my tools to be clean and sanitized to prevent contamination of the makeup I use, as well as breakouts caused by the spread of bacteria and oils on the skin.


Dante Makeup Brush Cleanser
DANTE Makeup Brush Cleanser has quickly become one of my favorite spray brush cleansers for several reasons:

– It’s unscented

– Easy to use

– Effectively cleanses brushes in between uses and deep cleaning

–  Dries quickly

– Doesn’t harden my brushes

– Affordable ($4.50/4 oz)

If you’re in the market for an effective and affordable spray brush cleanser, check out the DANTE Makeup Brush Cleanser.  It’s perfect for those sensitive to fragrance. It’s also perfect for on-the-go brush cleaning, too.


How do you clean your brushes?


 Disclosure: Product was provided for free for review consideration through my attendance at The Makeup Show New York. All opinions are my own and are honest.

Event Recap: May 2014 BeautyPress Spotlight Day {Guest Post}

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the BeautyPress Spotlight Day event held at the Midtown Loft. During the BeautyPress Spotlight Day, BeautyPress connects up and coming and popular beauty brands with editors, bloggers, and other beauty press for a day of learning, networking and pampering. At the Spotlight Day not only do you get to sample new products, you get to meet the faces behind some these beauty brands and have in-depth conversations about the products and company in general.

Some of the brands that were represented included:

Armour Beauty
We LOVE Armour Beauty (post)! Grounded and founded in 2009 in Brooklyn, NY, Armour Beauty is the brainchild of rocker, model, and mom Theo Kogan.  She wanted to create a lip gloss that was long lasting and would stay during a performance.



ARTEDECO is the #1 beauty brand in the selective market of Germany.  ARTDECO specializes in high-quality cosmetics worldwide.  The secret of ARTDECO’s success in becoming the market lead in Germany’s selective market is its constant focus on the individual wishes and needs of all women combined with uncompromising quality and very reasonable pricing.


Lindi Skin

Another brand showcased at the BeautyPress Spotlight Day event was Lindi Skin.  This company revolutionized the beauty world with the only skincare collection to soothe the skin side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Its superior anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties also revitalize, restore and replenish skin at all ages.



Monthly Express

As a luxury monthly membership service, Monthly Express offers luxurious collections of soul-nourishing, full-size boutique products delivered to your door monthly.  Monthly Express makes sure you set aside some ME Time to relax and get rejuvenated.



My Amazing Blow Dry Secret

My Amazing Blow Dry Secret assembled a team of hair care specialists to solve your hair styling problems. During the BeautyPress Spotlight Day event, My Amazing Blow Dry Secret showcased three products that will get you the hair you crave in just half the time.


Tat2u Make Up

Tat2u Make Up is an extremely unique and colorful line of makeup.  Tat2U Extreme color stands out in the crowd and marketplace.  It is extremely pigmented and formulated with high quality ingredients.  Take your look from fun to flirty with the stroke of a brush.



Food Sponsors included

Le Pain Quotidien– Founded in Brussels in 1990, Le Pain Quotidien is a bakery and restaurant that serves simple, wholesome and sustainable food, made with organic and local ingredients whenever possible.


Other Brands and Sponsors included:
Arts & Scents
CoTZ Skincare
M. Asam Beauty
Wink Natural
Filicori Zecchini
[ Yellow Tail ]
Vitamin Chick

I’m super excited to learn more about these brands and test their products!

Have you heard of or tried any of these brands featured at the BeautyPress Spotlight Day event?

 Disclaimer: I was provided press/media access the Spotlight Dia via BeautyPress