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Holiday Gift Guide for Natural Hair Girls



Natural Hair Girls are all around these days. In fact, I’m one of them, and I know how much we love our natural hair products, tools and accessories.

Detangling Brush

Many natural hair ladies swear by Denman brushes; however, my coils, when dry are a fan of the Tangle Teezer, and when wet, the Wet Brush.


Hair Steamer

Steam is one of the best-kept secrets for a healthy head of natural hair, and a good steam treatment is often the highlight of a naturalistas trip to the salon. What does it do? It helps infuse conditioners into the hair, increasing strength, moisture retention, and curl pattern definition. Hair steamers can be a bit pricey, like the coveted Huetiful Steamer ($150), but there are more affordable options available on Amazon. Either way, the money spent is well worth it since it will save money on the number of salon visits.


Hair Dryer

Hooded hair dryers and blow dryers are natural hair girls’ best friends. Hooded hair dryers can be used for deep treatments or roller sets, while blow dryers can be used to stretch out the hair or prep it for straightening. I love the affordable Modern Elements Hooded Dryer or the Gold N’ Hot Elite 1875-Watt Professional Stand Bonnet Dryer. It’s on wheels, which makes it easier to move. You’re also able to adjust the height. As far as blow dryers go, my hair stylist swears by the Conair Pro Bird line.

Modern Elements Hooded Hair Dryer

Flat Iron

For those days when you want to switch it up, and wear your hair a little straighter, that’s when us natural hair girls flatiron our hair. The BaBylissPro™ Nano Titanium™ Hair Straightener is recommended by hair stylists to get natural hair sleek and straight without a relaxer or other harsh chemicals. Of course, use a heat protectant when using any heated styling tool to prevent damage.


Shea Butter

My favorite, as you know comes from Belle Butters. I love, love, love the products from this indie brand. You may remember me raving about the Pumpkin Pie butter, but they offer other pretty awesome products great for both your hair and skin.

Belle Butters 16oz unyevu

Cute Satin Bonnet

There are so many indie satin hair bonnet brands around with beautiful satin bonnets to wear at night to protect your hair and keep it shiny, and moisturized.

Cute Hair Accessories

There’s one thing natural hair girls aren’t seen without, and that’s a good hair accessory. Whether it’s a fancy hair clip, bow, headband or head wrap, they’re for sure wearing at least one.


Proganix Quench Coconut H20 + Electrolytes Review


Ever since I’ve stopped relaxing my hair (I’ve gone natural), I’ve been looking for ways to add more moisture to it. Lord knows my hair can absorb all moisture., especially during the colder months. The hair gods must have heard my cries because in walks the Proganix Quench Coconut H20 + Electrolytes line. The line features four products: Shampoo, Conditioner, Moisture Balm, and Leave-in Moisture.

Proganix says…

Help transform your dry, parched hair into hydrated, silky perfection with this unique supercharged, lightweight blend infused with coconut water, electrolytes and coconut oil.

So how did my hair fair with the Proganix Quench Coconut H20 + Electrolytes?

My hair loves the Proganix Quench Coconut H20 + Electrolytes line. The fresh coconut scent of the products makes my hair washing session’s feel like I’m n the tropics.

Proganix Quench Review Shampoo Conditioner

Normally, I forgo shampoos during my wash days; however, I found that the SLS-free Proganix Quench Shampoo gentle enough to use every washday in conjunction with the Quench Conditioner. All it takes is a pea-sized amount to lather up into my wet hair. The lather the Proganix Quench Shampoo created was rich and creamy; my hair loves it. After rinsing out the shampoo, I’m able to immediately feel the softness of my hair; it didn’t feel stripped or dry. Following the shampoo, I use the Proganix Quench Coconut H20 + Electrolytes Conditioner.

Proganix Quench Review Shampoo

The Proganix Quench Coconut H20 + Electrolytes conditioner is a thick and creamy conditioner. Even though it takes a bit to rinse out, I love that the conditioner leaves a little “slip” to the hair, which us natural girls tend to love. Additionally, using the Proganix Quench Coconut H20 + Electrolytes Conditioner after shampooing, and sometimes pre-poo gave my hair the additional boost of moisture it needed. And talk about soft! My hair post wash and condition without the use of other products was extremely soft and shiny.

The packaging of the Proganix Quench Coconut H20 + Electrolytes Shampoo and Conditioner are my favorite; squeeze tubes always win me over. I hate not being able to get out the very last drop of products, and the squeeze tubes afford me this opportunity.

To ensure that the moisture added through the shampoo and conditioner lasts, Proganix added a pretty awesome Moisture Balm to the Quench lineup. The Proganix Quench Moisture Balm aims to tame fly-a-ways, soften hair, and protect against heat, all of which I need in a hair product these days. The Moisture Balm, for me, works best when applied to damp hair, twisted, air dried, and then blown out. My hair has a healthy shine, and is soft and manageable afterwards.

Proganix Quench Review Moisture Balm

Next in the Proganix Quench Quench Coconut H20 + Electrolytes line is the Leave-in Moisture. Out of everything in the line this was probably my least favorite of all manly because this leave-in moisturizer was too thick for the dispenser; it was very impractical. I had a hard time dispensing the product via the spray pump; therefore, had to open it up, and dispense the product directly into my hand. I’m hoping Proganix fixes the packaging for this product.

Overall, I’m loving the Proganix Quench Coconut H20 + Electrolytes Line of products. In fact, myself along with my husband and daughter currently use the line. If you’re looking for hair products that deliver on moisture for dry hair, and have an awesome scent to match, I suggest trying out the Proganix Quench line. PLus the products, add moisture without the greasy feel and oil.

Proganix Quench products can be found at your local Walgreens or Target for $9.99 – $11.99.




Have you tried Proganix Quench Coconut H20 + Electrolytes?




Creating Beautiful Curls with the T3 Twirl 360


PR SAMPLET3 Twirl 360


T3, in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada have issued a recall due to the clamp of the T3 Twirl 360 detaching while in use, thus posing a burn hazard.

Please stop using this tool immediately. For information on how to send in your tool for repair, please contact T3 consumer services at 1-866-8880 from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. PT Monday through Friday or visit T3 online at

Product Recall Link:

Thanks to my iFabbo membership, I’m allowed to shop, and try the latest innovations in beauty and hair care. This time, I had the opportunity to test out the new T3 Twirl 360.

T3 is known for pioneering T3 Tourmaline Technology, their quality hair tools, and innovative designs, which is why I couldn’t wait to test out the T3 Twirl 360, which is a motion-sensing, auto-rotating 1.25” curling iron that features gyroscopic technology, which is used in aviation, space exploration and hi-tech electronic devices due to its sensitivity and precision. In the T3 Twirl 360, the gyroscopic technology helps the styling tool detect motion, which triggers automatic barrel movement with, “Just a flick’a the wrist.” The gyroscopic technology aims to make your curling/styling experience easy.

T3 Swirl360

I know first-hand that achieving curls or waves aren’t an easy task with a regular curling iron or wand. There’s too much maneuvering going on, which can increase styling time. Out of frustration, I opted to use flexi rods in my hair to achieve curls, but those take a few hours to work, and sometimes over night.   Who has time for that, especially if I want curls or waves right at that moment in time? Not me! That’s where the T3 Twirl 360 comes into play.


Using the @t3micro #Twirl360 to create these beautiful #curls. Super easy and quick! #ifabbomember #hair #bblogger

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I’m not going to lie and say that the using the T3 Twirl 360 was easy because it wasn’t. It took some time for me to get used to how it works. Seriously, T3 made it so easy to use the Twirl 360 that I was doing too much maneuvering, but once I got the hang of it, I was able to achieve beautiful curls.


T3 Twirl360 Power settings

I like that the T3 Twirl 360 has a simple design without too many buttons. It’s easy to change the temperature, using the on/off button just by double-clicking it, and then continue clicking until you reach your desired temperature, which can go up to 410 degrees.

The color of the T3 Twirl 360 is nice, too! The body is white, with a beautiful rose gold rotator and clamp.

Overall, I’m happy with the T3 Twirl 360. I am able to achieve beautiful curls or waves in just a fraction of the time compared to when I would use a regular styling iron or wand. If you’re looking for a quality styling iron that doesn’t require too much work, check out the T3 Twirl 360. Should you happen to purchase it, remember to check out the instructional video prior to using it so that you don’t end up like me.

The T3 Twirl 360 is available at SEPHORA, and retails for $230.

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The product sample was sent to me on behalf of iFabbo.


Hair Care Tuesday: Slove Hair Kinky Straight Hair Review

Slove Hair Kinky Straight Weave Review

*I Bought This

When your hair’s natural, keeping it in a protective style is a must. Protective styling aids in hair growth and prevents breakage since you’re not manipulating your hair often. When I get tired of wearing my top bun or my two French braids, my protective style of choice is a full head, sewn in weave AKA an install.

Over the years, I’ve had so many hair weave textures installed, from straight, to curly, to wavy, and this time, I opted to have a texture that was more like my natural hair texture.  Since I wasn’t able to purchase the hair I wanted from another vendor because their hair is always sold out, I opted for a kinky straight weave, which I purchased from an online vendor, Slove Hair, found on Ali Express.  This purchased was half of the price, and more than likely the same quality.

Slove Hair Kinky Straight Weave

I’ve previously purchased hair from Ali Express. I must say, I have had only one bad experience, which was because I tried a new vendor without thoroughly reading the reviews. This time, even though I used a new vendor, I read all of the reviews, which were very good (95.3% positive feedback), and I’m happy to say I wasn’t disappointed in the product I received.

From Slove Hair, I ordered a three-piece lot (16”, 18”, 20”) of Kinky Straight Hair that included a free lace closure ($146.00). The Slove Hair Kinky Straight hair was soft, and tangle-free.  t had a double sewn weft that was tight, but I still sealed it just as a precaution to prevent shedding. If you’re familiar with virgin human hair, they can sometimes have a smell. Fortunately, the Slove Hair Kinky Straight Hair didn’t have a bad smell.

After having the kinky straight hair from Slove Hair installed, it took a bit of power to get it straight. My hairstylist first blew it out, and then used a flat iron to straighten it. It didn’t get bone straight, but I liked the fact that it looked like my hair. Plus, while having it done, I received so many compliments from nearly everyone in the salon. I just loved the fullness of the hair.

Slove Hair Kinky Straight Hair Weave Install

The real test of any weave hair comes post install since that’s when you know how the hair holds up when washed and styled several times over. I had my hair installed in February, and experienced minimal shedding. I do believe that the shedding I did experience could have been prevented had my hair stylist at the time not cut the wefts. Next time, I’m going to request for her to not cut it.  Also, maintaining the hair was easy. I co-washed it, and sat under the hair dryer to let both the hair and the braids the hair was sewn onto, dry. I used a flat iron to straighten it, and flexi rods to create waves and curls when needed.

Even after a few months the kinky straight weave I picked up from Slove Hair can still be used for another install. The only thing I wouldn’t re-use is the closure. I think was a bit rough when handling it, so it looks spotty in some places.

Hair Growth protective style simplicity hair oil

Overall, I’m happy with my purchase from Slove Hair, and would recommend picking up a few bundles from them in the future. They always have a deal. And after taking out my install to prepare for a new one, I’m happy to report that my hair has grown at least 1 ½ inches due to the protective style and using Simplicity Hair Oil.

What’s your favorite protective hairstyle?