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Beauty Haul – Lash galore, eyeshadow primers, foundation

In my previous post, I mentioned I ordered a few things over the past week since I’m trying to build my kit (if you’re wondering why… click here).  

I ordered 20 pairs of eyelashes from NYX cosmetics since they had their $1 sale.  I should have ordered more though .:sad face:.  I also ordered Urban Decay’s Original Sin Primer Potion Duo from Ulta Cosmetics (I had a 20% off coupon for it).  Both my lashes and the Urban Decay Primer came today.  I was EXCITED!!! I LOVE getting packages.  This week, I also received my Graftobian HD Creme Foundation Palette from Camera Ready Cosmetics.  

If you didn’t order anything while NYX was having their sale, you definitely missed out! 

Urban Decay’s Original Sin Eyeshadow Primer Potion Duo

Urban Decay’s Original Sin Eyeshadow Primer Potion Duo raves to be “The best in the industry!”  It’s claims are that it will give you more vibrant color, all-day wear, and absolutely NO creasing.  
The Original Primer Potion dries invisibly, while the Sin dries to a metallic, champagne color (shown in picture).  I haven’t tried them yet since I received them today, but I’ll definitely do a review on them in the near future.  

Graftobian HD Creme Foundation Palette
18 Warm Shades in one palette (comparison chart).  It’s great for MUA’s, especially if you work on people of different ethnic backgrounds and shades.  The packaging is light & convenient.  The palette also has a mirror.  Palettes are refillable. 

$25 Spa Treatments – What?!? (NYC Only)

Beginning January 27, a new spa deal will be available for purchase on 25 Tuesday’s each day until February 2. Click on today’s date for a $25 service for TONY readers (plus optional $50 and $75 upgrades). The offers are good for a year, but they can be purchased only the day they’re posted.  Today, they’re featuring a 1 hour foot Reflexology at Le Peau Day Spa for $25 (regular price $75).  You can upgrade to 2 hours for $50.
Keep in Mind: You can buy more than one as a gift, but the discount can be redeemed only once per person and cannot be combined with any other offers. Make sure to call ahead as an appointment is required, and don’t forget to show up!

Thanks to LoveJonesy at The Bliss List for sharing this with me.  Check out her blog

The Do's & Don't of Mascara Application

As with any other makeup product, choosing the right mascara that fits you & your needs is important, especially since there are so many different kinds. There are lengthening, thickening, waterproof, and conditioning formulations in a variety of colors.
Figure out what your particular needs are first.  For instance, if your lashes are light colored, you probably want to pick a dark brown rather than black, which can appear too harsh.  If you wear contact lenses like me, you’ll want to pick a gentler formulation, or maybe waterproof mascara. You may decide on a more dramatic product for night and a subtler one for everyday wear.
(Just in case you have fall-out, mascara application is the final step to makeup application.)
1.  Apply a very thin coat of mascara, which helps hold the curl better.
2.  Curl with eyelash curler. Trust me, they are not as scary as they look. If your lash still won’t curl you can also warm the curler up with a blow dryer or run it under hot water. 
3.  Add a final coat of mascara 

Helpful Tips:
Remove the wand from the tube.  To ensure the wand has enough product on it, swirl, don’t pump it into the tube.  ***Pumping pushes air into the mascara, which dries out the product and introduces bacteria (think gooey pink eye!)***

If you get too much on the brush, blot it on a tissue.  This will also reduce clumping with some thicker formulas.

Start with top lashes.  Place wand at base of underside of lashes and sweep up and out, wiggling side to side a bit to get hold of every lash. 

Optional: Use what is leftover on the brush to gently sweep a coat onto bottom lashes from underneath.  Take your time and brush downward.  (I don’t really apply mascara to my lower lashes.)

Re-dip wand and repeat for a second coat on top lashes only.  ***If you want to make your eyes pop, you can add a colored mascara like blue to the very tips of the tops lashes.*** Check out this example

***If you’ve had any accidents or smudges, dip a cotton swab in a teeny bit of eye makeup remover and use like an eraser.