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More Spa Deals


Time Out New York features an article “50 Spas for $50 or Less”
– Massage
-Water Spas with Day Passes
-Even something for the Guys!
Mark Your Calendars!!!
Spa Finder will have a Deal Days promotion during the week of March 8-14 (similar to restuarant week). Participation is expected from 1,500 spas nationwide and will have a large presence throughout NYC and the surrounding metropolitan area. Each participating spa will be offering expensive spa treatments like massages, facials, body scrubs, and mani-pedi’s for $50 each – in some cases less than half the regular cost. View Press Release Here

I got the best news in the mail today!!!

Some of you may wonder why I am so freaking excited, and the other half of you know exactly why.   I got my MACPro Membership card in the mail today!!! I didn’t think I was going to get it because after the 1st phone call where the lady told me I needed another credential to qualify… I kind of gave up hope.  Still, I pulled my resources together & faxed it over… NOTHING! I told myself I wasn’t going to worry about it anymore, then BAM! I come home today & there’s the envelope with the caaaard!!!  I’m so happy because I can sooo use the discount right now (and forever).  I LOVE LOVE their pigments, lip products, and eyeshadows. 

Special thanks to LoveJonesy at The Bliss List 

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To ensure your mascara is as fresh, and bacteria free as possible, change it (buy a new one) every 2-3 weeks after use.  Besides, no one likes dried out, clumpy mascara.

ULTA Cosmetics – 20% Off

Ulta Cosmetics is giving customer’s 20% Off Ulta brand cosmetics and others, such as…
Urban Decay
Studio Gear
Elizabeth Arden
Hot Tools
*** This offer is valid through 1/30/2010 on all regular priced, sale and clearance items.