Makeup by Kim Smith accepts guest posts.  As long as you’re a registered subscriber you can submit a guest post by submitting the information in this form.

Why you should guest blog:

– Self-promotion

– A link to your website/ blog

– A link to your Twitter and Facebook page

– Experience to be used in the future

The guest post must be in the following categories to cater to our readership:

– Makeup (FOTD/ face of the day, tools, swatches, or product reviews)

– Hair (care, styling, tools, or product reviews)

– Skin Care (reviews, regimens)

– Product reviews

Guidelines and requirements:

– All links must be ‘NOFOLLOW’

– Be creative, original, and engaging.  Make sure your edit your post.

– 3 or more large photos must be submitted with every post.  Make sure you use a large setting so I can adjust it on my end.  Please do not submit photos with watermarking.

– Not all submissions can be accepted.  If you have any concerns or want to run anything by me prior to submitting your post, contact me in advance.

– We do not accept press releases or advertisements as guest posts.

– We do not accept submissions from companies or corporations that are not directly related to our blog’s contents.  For example, if you submit a guest post for a skin care product review but the link to you site is for hardware supplies, expect it to be declined.

– Post cannot be a previously posted or posted once submitted to Makeup by Kim Smith.  You can post links with your guest post.

– Once your post is received, edited (if needed), you will be emailed with the link to the post as well as the date and time that your post will be posted.

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