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How to Clean your Makeup Brushes using Clean Brush Shampoo

How to clean your makeup brushes

How to clean your makeup brushes


Putting on makeup is fun.  Playing in different colors, textures, and using different mediums.  And then there’s the clean up.  I can’t be the only person who dreads cleaning my makeup brushes. but I know that clean makeup brushes and tools are essential to any makeup artist or enthusiast for many reasons, which is why I’ve created this pictorial teaching you How to Clean your Makeup Brushes using Clean Brush Shampoo (review) and alcohol.

Why you should learn how to clean your makeup brushes

Not cleaning your makeup brushes are doing your skin, makeup and brushes a huge disservice.  In order for your makeup brushes and tools to perform effectively, and apply your makeup flawlessly, they must be clean.  Dirty brushes can lead to muddy looking, or streaky makeup.  Dirty brushes can also lead to breakouts since they tend to harbor bacteria and dead skin cells.  Additionally, if you’re a makeup artist, not keeping your brushes clean, and doing so in between clients can contaminate all of your makeup. Brushes, like anything else are also an investment, especially if you’re a makeup artist, so think of keeping them clean as protecting your investment. Dirty brushes do tend to lead to a shorter life expectancy for you brushes.

How to clean your makeup brushes

Things you need to clean your makeup brushes

First, you need a few items in order to clean your makeup brushes so make sure you have the following setup before hand.

Brush shampoo

70% Alcohol


Paper Towel

How to clean your makeup brushes pictorial

Now, let’s get to how to clean your makeup brushes

1. Wet the brush with lukewarm water with the brush head facing down.

Remember:  Do not wet past the ferrule since continued saturation of the ferrule, overtime can cause the glue to weaken, thus leading to the brush head  detaching from the handle.

2. Since I used Clean Brush solid brush shampoo,  I also wet that, too.

3. Swirl the dirty brush around in the jar, and then on your hand for extra dirty brushes.

4.  Rinse brush under lukewarm water until the water runs clear.

5.  Gently squeeze out excess water.

6.  Lie flat on towel to dry.

Usually, after my brushes are dry, I wet a paper towel with 70% alcohol, and then wipe down the brush handles.  I think this is a crucial step for makeup artists.

How to clean your makeup brushes


I hope this pictorial has been helpful in helping you to learn how to clean your makeup brushes.

How often are you deep cleaning your brushes? 

Fragrance Friday: Greg Lauren for Barneys New York

Greg Lauren for Barneys New York

Greg Lauren for Barneys New York Header


I’m back again with another Fragrance Friday post featuring yet another niche fragrance, Greg Lauren for Barneys New York.

Before I get into what I think of the fragrance, Greg Lauren for Barneys New York, I must address my first thoughts upon seeing the bottle.  Unique to say the least, the bottle, definitely represents the artistic side of artist and actor, Greg Lauren.  Oh, and he’s also the nephew of designer, Ralph Lauren.

Greg Lauren for barneys new york bottle

But the bottle. Yes, the bottle, which is olive green, and is topped with a distressed, metallic cap, and adorned with a distressed clothe label that’s attached by masking tape on which Greg Lauren’s name is handwritten in black permanent marker. The bottle itself is splattered with what looks like black paint.  It’s definitely unlike any other perfume bottle I have sitting on my vanity; however, the bottle doesn’t describe the delicateness of the scent.

Greg Lauren for Barneys New York vanity

Greg Lauren for Barneys New York on my vanity


To create Greg Lauren for Barneys New York, Lauren paired with Master Perfumer, Ralf Schweiger to create this unusual vanilla-centered fragrance. I say unusual because I don’t ever recall wearing or smelling a vanilla fragrance that combined vanilla with marine notes.

Initially, Greg Lauren for Barneys New York comes off as unimpressive since the sea salt notes don’t come into play until after hours of wear, which linger on for a few hours, and then settles back to a softer vanilla. However, the transformation it takes from creamy vanilla, to sea salt, and back to a more subtle, less sweet vanilla makes it intriguing, and sensual. My husband absolutely loves Greg Lauren for Barneys New York on me.

Greg Lauren for Barneys New York also has some serious staying power. Those days when I’ve been too tired, and just fall asleep, I can wake up and still smell it on my skin.

Greg Lauren for Barneys New York Bottle satchel

Check out Greg Lauren for Barneys New York if you’re looking for a beautifully balanced, vanilla fragrance that encompasses a  surprise element: sea salt. It’s light, and fragile, which makes it perfect for any occasion, but, I prefer to wear it on the weekends, which are my casual days.  Although it’s marketed as a unisex fragrance, I wouldn’t pick it up for a male.  Also, Greg Lauren personally designed and signed the bottles himself [watch video], which is why each bottle is different; some have black paint and some have white.

The limited edition Greg Lauren for Barneys New York fragrance is available exclusively at Barneys New York or for $195/100ml.

2015 Beauty Resolution: Get Healthier Hair #TheBeautyCouncil

Get Healthier Hair _2015 Kim Porter

Get Healthier Hair _2015 Kim Porter

My hair, my hair, my freaking hair! It has always been on the thinner side, but ever since having my daughter, almost four years ago, I have had such a hard time with my hair. From it shedding and breaking, to it being dry and brittle, my hair just isn’t healthy. As women, hair and a beautiful face are everything, and can affect how we feel about ourselves.  Trust me, how I feel now because of my hair, is a 180 of how I was before.  For 2015, I promised myself I’m going to do everything in my power to get healthier hair.

What am I going to do to get healthier hair this year?

Visit a dermatologist that specializes in scalp treatments and hair loss.

Two years ago, I did visit a dermatologist regarding my hair issues. I was told to stop relaxing my hair, which I did.  I had to use a prescribed shampoo twice per week, and apply this foam treatment to my scalp.  The shampoo dried out my hair, and I couldn’t use the foam treatment because I was still nursing my daughter.

I found two dermatologists that received amazing reviews regarding their treatments for hair loss.  I’m scheduling a consult with both.

Get Healthier Hair 2015 _Hair Line

Take better care of my hair at home

Before, I was giving myself home treatments every wash.  Lately, I haven’t.  My hooded hair dryer broke, and I don’t have the time to dedicate a full day for hair washes like I used to.  I stopped investing in good hair care products, too. I just didn’t feel the need to because we were saving and the money could put to better use, and guess what? I was wrong, and my hair is suffering – badly.

While perusing my Instagram timeline, I came across a post from Tamar Braxton.  She posted a photo of her hair in a ponytail, singing the praises of Simplicity Hair Oil. Like me, Tamar lost her edges postpartum, too.  The products from this line grew them back.  I checked out testimonials and reviews of their products, and was amazed by the results.  I’m sold! I’m picking up some to get healthier hair.

Get Healthier Hair_Kim Porter

My hair when it was healthier


Add some diversity to my protective styling

My protective styling for the last few months since taking out my weave, has been a top bun.  It used to be two braids or a top bun. I got lazy, I am not good at styling natural hair, so I stuck to the top bun. My edges are suffering, y’all, and that’s with using Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO) religiously.  In order to get healthier hair, and get back my edges I need to diversify my styling to include styles that don’t cause tension on my edges.

Get Healthier Hair_Protective Style

Other things I do to get healthier hair include:

  • Increasing my water intake
  • Taking vitamins – I take prenatal vitamins since we’re still TTC.  I’m on the fence about hairfinity.
  • Eating a healthy diet

I also need to find a new hair stylist in my area since I’ve moved.  If you have any suggestions for a hair stylist that is not only good at styling hair, but also takes care of your hair, and is in Nassau County, New York, please let me know.  I’d also love to hear your suggestions of things that worked for you to get healthier hair.

What are your beauty resolutions for 2015?



LUSH Buy One Get One Sale Haul

LUSH Buy One Get One Sale

LUSH Buy One Get One Sale

Who doesn’t love LUSH products?  They’re fun and colorful, smell good, and work wonders on your skin.  I just love LUSH products.  If you haven’t yet anything from LUSH, the perfect time to have picked up some of their [seasonal] bath and body products was during the annual LUSH Buy One Get One Sale, which still going on both online and in stores.

Since these LUSH Buy One Get One sales are extremely rare, and happen only once per year, usually after Christmas, things sell out quickly, especially online.  Fortunately, I was able to pick up a few of my favorite LUSH products, and pick up items I’ve wanted to try, too.

It seems like all of the shower gels are 3.3 fl oz, which is the smallest size available, and are $9.95 each.  I honestly didn’t pay attention to the sizes when I was adding things into my cart, and was a little disappointed at how small the shower gels are.  .:Grrr;. I have no one else to blame except my overly enthusiastic self.  The soaps cost anywhere between $6.95 and $7.95.

Keep reading to check out my LUSH Buy One Get One sale haul.


Hot Toddy Shower Gel 3.3  fl oz

I had to stock up on it during the LUSH Buy One Get One Sale.I have the large, 16.9 fl oz bottle of Hot Toddy Shower Gel. It’s amazing!  It reminds me of an oldie discontinued item, and favorite of mine, Glogg.  Both are reminiscent of fresh cinnamon sticks. The aroma is warming, making it perfect for use during cold weather.

LUSH Buy One Get One _ Hot Toddy

Rose Jam Shower Gel 3.3 Fl oz

Rose Jam! I reviewed this a while back. I absolutely love this scent, especially when combined with the Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner.

LUSH Buy One Get One Sale _Rose Jam

Trying something new

So White Shower Gel

This was new for the 2014 holiday season. It was created after the LUSH holiday favorite, So White Bath Bomb. It is a fresh, gently cleansing apple infusion, soothing rose water and uplifting bergamot oil, thus making it perfect for morning showers.

LUSH Buy One Get One Sale _ So white

Snowcake Soap

This is another holiday favorite. Snowcake Soap, if you held it in your hands, and took a whiff, you’d honestly want to bite into it due to the sweet, vanilla, almond icing fragrance.

LUSH Buy One Get One _Snowcake Soap

Yog Nog Soap

Most of my fragrances have some sort of spice element to them, which is why I picked up Yog Nog Soap from the LUSH Buy One Get One sale. It smells exactly like eggnog, and has a dusting of nutmeg on top. The soap is very creamy, so creamy that I have to keep it in the refrigerator.

LUSH Buy One Get One _ Yog Nog Soap

When I received my items, LUSH included a sample of Gold Fun. I guess they read my mind because I wanted to pick up that as well, but it was sold out.  My daughter has been using that, plus her Pink Fun. Both are lovely.

As I mentioned previously, a lot of items sold out online super quickly, like the bath bombs, fun, gift sets, and other items; however, I’ve heard through the grapevine that some LUSH stores are still running the LUSH Buy One Get One sale, and have a few gift sets and other products on sale, so I suggest either calling ahead to your local store to find out whether or not they have anything you’re interested in picking up.

Did you pick up anything from the LUSH Buy One Get One Sale? If so, what?

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