My love for perfumes, especially niche fragrances are no secret, which is why I excitedly opted to try out the niche, green fragrance line, LURK.

LURK Perfume Oils are hand poured and blended by founder and perfumer Anne Nelson Sanford. She uses 100% pure essential oils, resins, absolutes, and CO2 extracts infused in certified organic jojoba oil.


Perfume oils are very new to me so I was not quite sure what to expect once I tried out the LURK Perfume Oils for the very first time. I mean, I’ve heard that perfume oils last longer due to the skin’s natural ability to absorb oils better versus fragrances with alcohol, so I guess you can say I went into this thinking I will experience a longer lasting scent. Was my assumption correct? Continue reading to see.

LURK Perfume Oil TRN V4

First we’ll begin with LURK TRN V4 is described as a spicy fragrance with Tobacco, NErolig, Bulgarian rose, and Lavender blossom notes. “An intoxicating infusion that is densely layered yet never heavy.”

Being a fan of scents more on the masculine side, I was initially excited about the Tobacco and Neroli notes; however, what sticks out most to me are the floral notes, especially the lavender. It’s not completely disappointing as the florals make it the perfect spring fragrance, but part of me wishes it had more spice.

LURK Perfume Oil NST V7

Next up is LURK NST V7, which is composed of notes of Lotus blossom with Owyhee, fresh citrus, warm Sandalwood and creamy Tuberose.

This one I loved almost immediately, and I know why. LURK NST V7 reminded me so much of one of my favorite Frederic Malle scents, Carnal Flower. It has the same woody notes mixed with tuberose. Although floral, it isn’t overly dainty so a man can get away with wearing it. In fact, this was the LURK oil preferred by my husband, and it smells good on him.

Out of the two LURK perfume oils I’ve tried, the LURK NST V7 one has the most sillage, which is one of the things that are a must for me in a perfume. It isn’t too strong, but it isn’t so light in the sense that you can barely smell it. With the LURK TRN V4, I feel like I have to place my nose directly above the spot to where it was applied in order to get a whiff. Its lightness makes it the perfect fragrance to use after my evening showers.

LURK Perfume Oil Applicator

LURK Perfume Oils are packaged 1/8 oz. glass bottles topped with a round gold cap; simple and elegant. Each bottle comes in cute little muslin bag on which LURK is printed in bold letters. Both oils retail for $55 and can be purchased online at


Have you tried LURK Perfume Oils?

10 Comments on Trying Something New: LURK Perfume Oils

  1. I have become enamored with fragrance again, even though most of them hardly last at all on me. I wonder if perfume oils would last longer on me. I think these would benefit from catchier names, though! lol.
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  2. I'm currently testing out this entire line! I love indie scents too. The TRN V4 was pretty spicy on me. It's so interesting how perfumes can be so different on people. Always love reading your perfume reviews!

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