Two weeks ago, I returned from spending one week in two of the Emirates of the United Arab Emirates: Dubai and Abu Dhabi. You can read a bit about my trip over on Beauty and the Bump. As fragrance lover, one thing I noticed about the people in both places is that they love their fragrances. There were one or two specific scents that stood out, and my husband and I found them at the UAE-local perfume house, Khaltat Blends of Love.

Khaltat Blends of Love UAE

Khaltat Blends of Love is a mid-range (65 ml | AED475/$129.32 US ) niche fragrance brand founded by Mohammed Hilal who took the most beautiful feeling inherent in people—Love—as the source of inspiration for this collection of 11 scents. Each fragrance is named after the sometimes-complicated four-letter word, and translated it into 11 different languages, which is emblazoned on the bottle in gold letters. All fragrances are enclosed in a beautiful clear glass tetrahedral bottle labeled with a saying about Love.

Khaltat Blends of Love Bottles

Everywhere we went, the mall, walking the Corniche, out to dinner – we smelled this beautiful woodsy fragrance. The scent was intoxicating, and each time we smelled it, we wanted it more and more. Eventually, we came upon a Blends of Love boutique, and sampled and sniffed each fragrance. We finally found the scents we were lusting over throughout our vacation: Aşk – Turkish Love, and Hob 1 – Arabian Love. Both fragrances, it turns out, are the most popular fragrances sold by the brand.

Khaltat Blends of Love Ask Turkish Love

Although I loved both fragrances, Turkish Love (Aşk), with its rose, sandalwood, and agarwood notes, is more my taste. It’s definitely a warm fall/winter scent.

Khaltat Blends of Love Hob 1Hob 1 is described as the “… scent of the UAE vision… the beauty of our optimistic, forward-thinking culture!” This floral musky fragrance was purchased for my husband. The amber and musk notes, sprinkled with a hint of Emirati Vision, make for a crisp winter fragrance.

Khaltat Blends of Love Display

Both fragrances are long lasting. One thing I hate when wearing a fragrances is when the scent dissipates after only a few hours of wear. With the Khaltat Blends of Love ‘Aşk’ and ‘Hob 1’, each scent can be smelled even after 8-hours of wear. Impressive. We were told that if sprayed on your clothes, the fragrances could be smelled for up to three days. Unfortunately, we do not wear our clothes three days in a row, but that was still nice to hear.

Khaltat Blends of Love are available exclusively in the United Arab Emirates. However, they are working on adding an online purchasing capability to their website to accommodate international orders. I’m hoping this happens sooner than later because there are still some fragrances I want from their collection. In addition to the Eau de Parfum collection there are concentrated oils with the same compositions.

Khaltat Blends of Love Display 2

Other Khaltat Blends of Love fragrances I wanted to pick up during our trip are:

  1. Liebe – German Love! (Bergamot, Neroli, and Amber)
  2. Agápē – Greek Love – (Rose, Patchouli, Agarwood)
  3. Aloha – Hawaiian Love (coco, jasmine, Tonka beans)

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22 Comments on I Found Turkish Love at Khaltat Blends of Love

    • They have a mall culture. There's malls everywhere! The Dubai mall is the largest with over 1400 stores, not including kiosks. I actually got these in Abu Dhabi from the souk on the grounds of the Shangri-La where we were staying.

  1. What an awesome place to go… and love the packaging on that bottle. That store looks like someplace I would love and enjoy.

  2. What a wonderful experience! As a fragrance lover, a store like that sounds like heaven! Oh, the Hawaiian Love sounds like just the one for me. I would have had to stock up.

  3. Thank you so much for your wonderful review! We always love to hear feedback regarding our fragrances, and are really glad to hear that you are enjoying them <3 <3

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