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Scentbird is the gift that keeps on giving. So why not setup mom with Scentbird Subscription. Just to refresh your memory, Scentbird is an affordable, luxury fragrance subscription service. Each month, for $14.95, you’re sent a 30-day supply vial of perfume of your choosing. You can create a personalized queue from over 350 perfumes. But, if you’re not able to make a selection, you will just receive Scentbird’s Scent of the Month that’s hand-picked by Scentbird Editors.


SCENTBIRD Vial Tom Ford Violet Blonde

This month, I have for review the Tom Ford Violet Blonde, which was released in 2011. Tom Ford makes one of my favorite fragrances for fall/winter, Black Orchid. It was only right for me to choose powdery violet and iris fragrance, which is Violet Blonde.

Tom Ford Violet Blonde is a soft and feminine perfume. It’s very light, and not as dark and deep as the Black Orchid. At first spray, I get powder violet mixed in with a waxy, almost lipstick-like scent, which comes off as a bit synthetic that some people may not be fond of.

SCENTBIRD Vial Tom Ford Violet Blonde in Hand

Tom Ford Violet Blonde isn’t too much of a warm fragrance that it’s impossible to wear during the warmer spring and summer months, and I’ve definitely worn it during the day at work without any problems, but this can be due, in part to the fact that the sillage and longevity of Violet Blonde aren’t as good as other perfumes I own, especially like the Tom Ford Black Orchid.

I’m happy I was able to get a sample vial of this fragrance through Scentbird because I now know that it isn’t something I wouldn’t buy personally because it doesn’t last very long on me, and doesn’t have great sillage. For a fragrance in this price bracket ($110/1.7 floz), I would expect a longer wear time, but with the Tom Ford Violet Blonde, I only get at least 3 hours until I’m left wondering where the scent has gone.

Scentbird How to Use

Through trying Tom Ford Violet Blonde via Scentbird, I was able to come to the conclusion that this is a fragrance that I will not add to my fragrance collection. That’s the beauty of having a Scentbird subscription; you’re able to weed out fragrances you thought you’d love without having to spend the money on a full-size bottle.

Scentbird Exclusive Hot Pink Atomizer

If a Scentbird subscription sounds right for you or for mom, sign up now because on May 11th they’re releasing a special hot pink atomizer for Scentbird Members. It would make the perfect purse accessory.

Scentbird Mothers Day

Scentbird has a Mother’s Day gift offer! When you buy a 6-month gift subscription or a 12-month gift subscription you’ll get a bonus Candle Gift Set – a $45 value! Great for moms that love fragrance!

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  1. I think the concept of Scentbird is brilliant. I tried it for review a few months ago, and I liked the scent I got (but I don't know where I put it!). I just subscribed because I want a purse spray of Alien by Thierry Mugler. Hopefully, it'll be here next week 🙂
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