Hair Bun
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You have seen them on Prada Runways to the most popular celebrities rocking this simplistic style like it was discovered yesterday. What am I talking about? None other than the fabulous bun. The one thing that I love about this style is that you can dress it up or you can dress it down.  No matter how you do it, it is timeliness, effortless and chic. Take it from day to night as you transition from work to play.  Add some hair candy and dress it up for a special occasion or for a day at the beach.

I must admit that this is one style that I will miss as my “go to” style this spring since I cut my hair. If you have mid to long length tresses this is absolutely a style that you can rock.

3 Tips to Rock a Bun for Spring:

  1. Use Frizz-free products and edge control to ensure that you have a slick and near polished look when trying this.
  2. Add some hair candy to the style: this could be something as simple as a flower, decorative hair pins, or a broach to dress it up and take you from day to evening wear. You can also put on a cute hairband and rock it out.  Just have fun with it and ensure that you make it look effortlessly chic in the evening.
  3. Add a braid around the perimeter of your head for a fabulous bohemian inspired look. You may also include a braid in the bun to add some extra details and texture to your style. Ensure that you have a small amount of hair spray to hold any flyway’s in place.

I’d love to hear how you rock your bun.  Post some pictures; I would love to see your styles.




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