This Fragrance Friday, I finally have an affordable perfume to share with you, and it’s one of my favorite fragrances to wear during the spring: Nanette Lepore for Women.  This perfume is the signature fragrance from the whimsical and feminine design house, Nanette Lepore.

Nanette Lepore for Women is packaged in a girlish pink, Bohemian-style bottle decorated with flowers, and adorned with a black and white polka dot bow (I misplaced mine).  It’s simple, yet cute.  The 30ml bottle that I own fits nicely within my purse, and is compact enough for travel.

Nanette Lepore for Women, can be described as feminine, fun and flirty. This floral and fruity fragrance has the following notes:
Top: Rose, White peach and White cranberry
Middle: Black currant, Orange, Jasmine and Persian lime
Base: Signature violet leaf

For me, the rose notes in Nanette Lepore for Women are evident for the first 10-15 minutes, and then the peach mixed with cranberry come tagging along.  I love the black currant mixed with the jasmine, which seems to hang around a bit longer., and the Persian lime just makes everything smell even better. It cuts the floral and berries so that it isn’t too sweet, but just right.  The sillage is awesome; you can’t smell me from a mile away, which is good, but, should i pas you, you’ll get a light whiff.  It’s the perfect spring daytime fragrance.

My only issue with Nanette Lepore for Women is that it doesn’t last long. I’d say I get about 4 hours wear on a good day. On a hot day, 1-3 hours.  But, for a discount fragrance, I think that this is a pretty decent wear time.

Nanette Lepore for Women, in my opinion is a feminine fragrance suitable for those women in the 20 – 30 year old range.  It’s fun and cheerful, with a bit of innocence.  I would recommend it for those over 30 years old who are young at heart.  Nanette Lepore is one of those fragrances that has built in nostalgia, so spray some on , and take a walk down memory lane to the days when you were out having fun with your girls, or necking with your new main squeeze.

Nanette Lepore for Women can be purchased from Neiman Marcus for $30/1.7 fl oz.

Have you tried Nanette Lepore for Women?

What’s your take on it?

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    • Thank you, Allison. Yes, it's very spring. Lately, my daughter who is 4 has been sneaking and spraying it. On her, I smell mostly roses. I find it funny she is already into perfumes.

  1. What a beautiful bottle design! I love Nanette and even bought one of her embroidered wool dresses last winter.

    • Yeah, out of my higher end fragrances this one doesn't last too long. I guess I can't really compare it, right?

    • It's funny you said that. I met Nanette Lepore's nephew once. He said they were thinking about scrapping this perfume. He told them they're crazy, and they kept it. I was telling him how much I loved it, and he was just like "see, this is what I've been trying to tell them. People love it"

  2. I don't have this fragrance but I almost bought it just because of the bottle!!! I did sample it and it smells amazing! I might go back and get it.
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    • Doesn't it smell great, Mina. How come you didn't buy it? I need to buy another bottle because this one is running low.

  3. Nanette Lepore was the first ever Fashion Week show I attended! Always has a special place in my heart : ) This sounds like it smells amazing. White peach and White cranberry!! I love Jasmine and lime as well. I'll have to check this out. I wonder if it comes in the smaller to-go tubes.

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