3 Tips Hair Care Journey

With so much information floating around concerning hair care regimens, product regimens and salon reviews, it can be a bit overwhelming for the average woman. There are a number of questions that a lot of individuals have when being serviced at Preeminence Salon & Boutique.They often ask questions regarding the current products that are using along with the frequency that they are deep conditioning etc. The questions go on and on.

Are you confident about your current hair care regimen? Are there things that you are thinking about adding to your regimen? Are you a product junkie looking for the next new conditioner? To define your hair care regimen, it is imperative that you stop and think about your habits. What are the habits that you are currently creating that is helping and hindering your hair care progress. What are your ultimate hair care goals? Are your goals to retain length, keep your hair moisturized, or are you focused on protective hairstyling?

3 Tips to assist you in your hair care journey:

  1. Stick with a select few products so that you are able to track your progress. Sometimes we are so quick to move from one product to the next that we really do not understand how our hair interacts with the formulation of the current products that are in our regimen.
  2. Establish a set date to do your hair treatments and deep conditioning treatments. If you need to put a reminder in your calendar do so.
  3. Establish what your hair care goals are and be realistic with your timeframe and texture. Align your product use and overall hair care regimen with your hair care regimen. Take your time and set realistic expectations.

I hope that you found this to be helpful and beneficial to your current hair care regimen.  I would love to hear what has been working and what has not been working for your current regimen. Please comment below.

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