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I can’t believe that this is my third guest blog post. I must say that I have enjoyed replying to all of your messages regarding the first two. It is funny because May 5th is Preeminence’s third anniversary and I have been planning for something major to celebrate. Before I begin with the juicy tips on caring for your hair extensions, I want to take a moment to inspire you to follow your passions! It does not matter what challenges you may have in your path, KEEP GOING!!!

Okay, now back to my favorite thing to talk about: HAIR EXTENSIONS or hair weaves. I get so many questions in my salon surrounding hair extensions. Questions ranging from what length looks the most natural, to what is a good price point, to how to tell if it is good quality and if I recommend any brands for multi-cultural women, especially those that wear clip-ins.

Hair Extensions

Here are the top 4 Tips to Assist You in Wearing & Caring for your Hair Extensions:

Tip #1: Do Your Research
It is easy to jump on the “hype” when a new hair extension line or company is launched. It is important to do your research.When I say research-I do not mean read reviews that people were paid for-but, to do your research on the company. In addition, inquire about ordering hair samples if they are available. Prices for hair samples can range from $5 and up.

Tip #2: All About Clip-In Hair Extensions

The one misconception that my clients have with clip-in hair extensions are not necessarily the quality or brand of extensions, but rather how to place them to get the most natural look, and how to properly care for them. I recommend that you do not sleep in your clip-ins as it can cause major breakage; take the extra time and remove them before bed. There are a lot of websites selling clip-in hair extensions, and the prices vary from affordable to expensive. With some time and patience, you can take wefted hair and make your own clip-ins, which is a totally different post .:haha:.). But, I have made a note to create a future post focusing specifically on this.

Tip #3: How to Take Care of Your Extensions 

I have heard several of my friends criticize me for using my “expensive” shampoo on my extensions. I recommend that you treat your extensions with the same care that you do your hair. It is important to deep condition your extensions, especially if you add color to them.  When washing your extensions never go in a circular motion as that will cause matting. Take your time to take care of your extensions and good quality extensions should last approximately 6 months to a year. At Preeminence Salon, we have a guarantee on our hair extension line for up to 1 year.

Tip #4: How do you establish which texture of hair is the best (i.e.Brazilian, Indian, Peruvian, Malaysian)

I am asked this question a lot from clients. The bottom line is that this is based on personal preference and what texture matches your hair texture in the state that you will be wearing and styling your extensions. For example, I prefer Brazilian extensions because it is closer to my natural hair texture. Again, if the company offers any samples, then that is a great place to start.

I hope that these tips are helpful if you are planning to purchase or currently have extensions that you are loving.

Comment below and let me know if you are currently using these tips and which one you will implement in your hair extension care regimen.


brazilian hair extensions

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22 Comments on Hair Care Tuesdays: 4 Tips for Wearing & Caring for your Hair Extensions

  1. I've never had a sew in but I do love clip-in hair extensions for a special occassion so I can pop them off and on when I feel like it. I recently added color to a few pieces since I can't color my own hair : )

  2. I have tried clip ins before but only to try… never purchased them. These are great tips… I always hear people talk about them and I'm amazed at how many people in the beauty community use them so often now… it's becoming so popular. Great post.

  3. I'm loving this guest post series! I've never done hair extensions, but tons of friends that do. I'll need to link this to them!

  4. Real hair or extension both needs great care. These 4 tips are indeed helpful to care and wear a hair extension properly. I think the new user of hair wigs will find this blog post quite enormous. Keep updating more like this. Thanks.

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