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I’m a member of this awesome group of beauty bloggers, The Beauty Council, which means I will be linking up on some informative and fun beauty-related posts.  This time around, The Beauty Council is dishing on our Winter Beauty Staples.

Winter has shown her ugly face this past week in New York City.  One day, it was a balmy 60 degree day, and then the blistering 30 degree and below temperatures hit.  And, just recently, we had snow.  Right now, my heat is turned up high, and I’m bundled up like baby Jesus in the manger, and I’m keeping my winter beauty staples close by.  The combination of heat and the cold winter weather can wreak havoc on your hair, skin, and nails so it’s imperative that I have an arsenal of products that help combat the dryness and dull-looking skin that is associated with winter weather.

Winter Beauty Staples for Skin


Face: Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Hydrating Cleanser (creamy Formula).  I reviewed the foaming formula of this cleanser, but, since then, I’ve switched to the creamy version.  Both formula’s are great for my skin; however, the cream formula has become a winter beauty staple since it’s a lot more hydrating, is gentle and there’s no fragrance.

Body:  Right now, I’m using Hot Toddy shower gel from LUSH.  It’s the perfect combination of cinnamon and patchouli perfect for a warming experience while showering.  It contains aloe vera gel to aid in hydrating and healing dry skin.


Face: Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant is one of my favorite exfoliating products to use because it’s gentle enough to use daily without causing harm and extra dryness to your skin.  You can read more about it in my review.

Body: I guess you an say that I exfoliate my body daily because I use mesh shower gloves. I just don’t feel clean without them; however, I do have days when I take an extra step to include a body scrub because I love having soft, smooth and glowing skin.  It an either be one of my homemade sugar scrubs, or the  Teadora Beauty Nourishing Body Polish I just reviewed.


Face: I haven’t quite found a hydrating serum to add to my winter beauty staples, but, I still make sure my skin is well moisturized both during the day and in the evening.  During the day, I use Dermalogica’s Age Smart Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50.  Even though it’s winter, it’s still important to wear SPF products during the day.  At night, I use the Valentia Vitamin Even Glow Serum along with one of my favorite moisturizers, Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentrate. For my lips, I  religiously use Carmex.  I seriously should own stock in the company.

Body: For my body, I normally alternate between various products.   During my lazy days when I don’t want to slather on moisturizer all over my body I reach for my LUSH Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner.  In doing so, I know my skin will be well moisturized and lightly scented with a hint of roses.  My other options include the Derm Organic Hand & Body Lotion, and Kiehl’s Creme De Corp.

Foundation: Lately, I’ve been using my MAC Face and Body foundation (C7).  Winter weather and indoor heating can dry out your skin.  The MAC Face and Body Foundation is hydrating, lightweight, user-friendly, and it gives my skin a nice dewy (not oily) look.  To remove some of the shine from areas I don’t want to highlight like my big ole forehead, I apply the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish or the CoverFX Matte Setting Powder (Dark).

Concealer: Whenever I need to hide my dark circles, I grab my IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer.  I use the waterproof formula, and it’s hydrating.  This concealer helps with hiding my dark circles while keeping my delicate eye area moisturized.  To cover up a blemish, my best friend is the LA Girl Pro Concealer (I use Toffee and Fawn).

Winter Beauty Staples for Nails

Hand Cream: Essence of Beauty Lemon Verbena Hand Cream. I actually love the entire Essence of Beauty body care line (review), but, the hand cream is something I tote around in my purse and I also have a tube sitting on my desk at work.

Cuticle Treatment: Avon Nail Experts Instant Gel Cuticle Remover gets rid of my dry cuticles in seconds. I apply the treatment to my cuticles, push back with an orange stick, and then follow up with clipping the dry cuticle skin, which essentially comes off by itself.

Cuticle Cream:  I’ve been using this MAVALA Penetrating Cuticle Cream for about two years now.  It’s my favorite cuticle cream to use at night.  During the winter, if I don’t take care of them, my cuticles get so dry and hard, and sometimes they peel. The MAVALA Penetrating Cuticle Cream is like magic, reversing the damage, thus leaving me with soft cuticles.  The scent, which reminds me of men’s cologne does take getting used to.






Which Winter Beauty Staples are a part of your arsenal?

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  1. I am in love love love with dermalogica!! Which reminds me it’s time for a facial. I am also a nut for embryolisse, it’s seriously heaven in a bottle. Great list!

    • LOL I'm glad you like that line. I wasn't sure if I should put it in there. I didn't want to offend anyone. But, it's funny. That's how cold it's been.

  2. Loved this list. I definitely need to start taking better care of myself. I’m going to try that cuticle cream. With an infant and cooking, I’m constantly washing my hands which dry my cuticles and this cold weather is making it worse.

    • Carmex is the best. I used to use blistex, but for some reason if I stopped using it, it would discolor my lips. My derm told me to stop using it.

  3. This week has been dreadful on the East Coast, I agree!! I need to try the Embryolisse, it's such a HG items for so many!

  4. I always enjoy reading what everyone relies on for winter beauty. Love that Lemon Verbena hand cream!

  5. Obsessed with the Dermalogica and Carmex. Ooooohhh they are my faves!!
    My recent post The Beauty Council | Winter Skin Care MUST Haves…

  6. I hear so many great things about Essence of Beauty Products… but I have never found them here. Oh – that cuticle cream sounds heavenly. 🙂 I haven't used Carmex in years… lol

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