I’m back again with another Fragrance Friday post featuring yet another niche fragrance, Greg Lauren for Barneys New York.

Before I get into what I think of the fragrance, Greg Lauren for Barneys New York, I must address my first thoughts upon seeing the bottle.  Unique to say the least, the bottle, definitely represents the artistic side of artist and actor, Greg Lauren.  Oh, and he’s also the nephew of designer, Ralph Lauren.

Greg Lauren for barneys new york bottle

But the bottle. Yes, the bottle, which is olive green, and is topped with a distressed, metallic cap, and adorned with a distressed clothe label that’s attached by masking tape on which Greg Lauren’s name is handwritten in black permanent marker. The bottle itself is splattered with what looks like black paint.  It’s definitely unlike any other perfume bottle I have sitting on my vanity; however, the bottle doesn’t describe the delicateness of the scent.

Greg Lauren for Barneys New York vanity
Greg Lauren for Barneys New York on my vanity


To create Greg Lauren for Barneys New York, Lauren paired with Master Perfumer, Ralf Schweiger to create this unusual vanilla-centered fragrance. I say unusual because I don’t ever recall wearing or smelling a vanilla fragrance that combined vanilla with marine notes.

Initially, Greg Lauren for Barneys New York comes off as unimpressive since the sea salt notes don’t come into play until after hours of wear, which linger on for a few hours, and then settles back to a softer vanilla. However, the transformation it takes from creamy vanilla, to sea salt, and back to a more subtle, less sweet vanilla makes it intriguing, and sensual. My husband absolutely loves Greg Lauren for Barneys New York on me.

Greg Lauren for Barneys New York also has some serious staying power. Those days when I’ve been too tired, and just fall asleep, I can wake up and still smell it on my skin.

Greg Lauren for Barneys New York Bottle satchel

Check out Greg Lauren for Barneys New York if you’re looking for a beautifully balanced, vanilla fragrance that encompasses a  surprise element: sea salt. It’s light, and fragile, which makes it perfect for any occasion, but, I prefer to wear it on the weekends, which are my casual days.  Although it’s marketed as a unisex fragrance, I wouldn’t pick it up for a male.  Also, Greg Lauren personally designed and signed the bottles himself [watch video], which is why each bottle is different; some have black paint and some have white.

The limited edition Greg Lauren for Barneys New York fragrance is available exclusively at Barneys New York or for $195/100ml.

24 Comments on Fragrance Friday: Greg Lauren for Barneys New York

  1. What an unusual scent! If I had seen the bottle, I would have thought it was a man's fragrance…though I like men's fragrances. And the combo of vanilla and sea salt is just so different. Next time I'm in Boston, I'll go to Barney's to check this one out!
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  2. The packaging of this fragrance is very interesting…kind of rough and masculine looking… who would think there's a woman's fragrance in there! Sea Salt and Vanilla? I'd have to try it… seems an odd combination of fragrances.

    • I find that most fragrances I wear change throughout the day. Linear scents aren't fun. I like figuring out where the scent is going while wearing, and which notes will appear.

    • My husband, when he picked it up only bought it because it didn't smell like your regular vanilla. He said it didn't smell cheap like something you'd find at bath and body works, etc. I hope that helps.

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