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I have a weakness for a good fragrance, and for some reason, my fragrance choices always err on the expensive side like the newest addition to my fragrance collection: Odin New York 09 Posala.  Released over two years ago, I must admit, the niche fragrance line was not on my radar. Thankfully, my husband and I both share the same affinity for luxury fragrances, and he also has my scent preference down pact. He made an excellent choice in  picking up for me Odin New York 09 Posala.

Posala, which means “Farewell to spring flowers” in Native American describes this fragrance perfectly.  Although I began wearing the Odin New York 09 Posala at the start of winter, I can see smell how it makes for the perfect transitional scent from late spring into fall. Posala has top notes of pear blossom and peach, that transform into a warmer, spicier and much deeper scent mid-wear thanks to the bourbon and tobacco notes. Posala then settles at a soft, yet slightly sweet amber. For some reason, mixed with my chemistry I do not get any of the floral components of Posala, which doesn’t bother me.

Odin New York 09 Posala, I’m happy to report is long wearing.  I get over 12 hours of wear after spraying it on in the morning.  By the time my husband picks me up from the rail, which is close to 7 p.m., my husband can still smell Posala.  The sillage (pronounced seeyaz) is good; you cannot smell me from one mile away, but, get a hint of subtle sexiness as I pass.  Perfumes, I believe should modestly announce your presence, and not scream it.  Thankfully, Posala does the former.

ODIN New York 09 Posala
I’ll talk about the packaging for a little bit.  It’s simple. Scratch that, it’s sophisticated.  I love the all black everything packaging from the box, to the bottle.  It makes Odin New York 09 Posala seem mysterious and sensual.

Odin New York 09 Posala, like most Odin fragrances, is a unisex scent, and I can definitely see it being worn by a man, especially due to the tobacco and bourbon vanilla notes.  I also believe Posala is the perfect, sophisticated fragrance for a woman in her late 20’s and early 30’s that are into sexy, warm scents for the colder months

Odin New York 09 Posala  ($165/ 100ml) is available exclusively at Barney’s New York.

About Odin New York

New York based men’s clothing retailer, Odin New York, founded by Eddy Chai and Paul Birardi in 2004, launched their fragrance line in 2009. These fragrances were made in collaboration with perfumers Kevin Verspoor, Pierre Constantin Gueros, Jean-Claude Delville, Corinne Cachen and Philippe Romano.





44 Comments on Fragrance Friday: Odin New York 09 Posala – The Perfect Winter Fragrance

    • I'm more of a spice girl so not having the florals come through wasn't a deal breaker. Who knows, it could have just been the way the perfume reacted to my body chemistry.

    • Musc Ravageur is one of my faves from Frederic Malle. My husband wears it, and I sometimes steal a spray or two. I also love their L'Eau d'Hiver. What are some of your other favorite scents?

    • IDK about loving to splurge, but I do like spending good money for things that are worth it, and this is definitely one of those instances.

  1. Wow – this sounds like a great fragrance… never tried anything from this brand before… but I would totally check it out.

    • Oh man! That sucks. IDK what I'd do if I was allergic to perfume. Is it all or is it just synthetic fragrances?

    • The wear time is amazing! I hate wearing perfume that I can only get 2-3 hours of wear, especially if it's expensive.

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