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My hair, my hair, my freaking hair! It has always been on the thinner side, but ever since having my daughter, almost four years ago, I have had such a hard time with my hair. From it shedding and breaking, to it being dry and brittle, my hair just isn’t healthy. As women, hair and a beautiful face are everything, and can affect how we feel about ourselves.  Trust me, how I feel now because of my hair, is a 180 of how I was before.  For 2015, I promised myself I’m going to do everything in my power to get healthier hair.

What am I going to do to get healthier hair this year?

Visit a dermatologist that specializes in scalp treatments and hair loss.

Two years ago, I did visit a dermatologist regarding my hair issues. I was told to stop relaxing my hair, which I did.  I had to use a prescribed shampoo twice per week, and apply this foam treatment to my scalp.  The shampoo dried out my hair, and I couldn’t use the foam treatment because I was still nursing my daughter.

I found two dermatologists that received amazing reviews regarding their treatments for hair loss.  I’m scheduling a consult with both.

Get Healthier Hair 2015 _Hair Line

Take better care of my hair at home

Before, I was giving myself home treatments every wash.  Lately, I haven’t.  My hooded hair dryer broke, and I don’t have the time to dedicate a full day for hair washes like I used to.  I stopped investing in good hair care products, too. I just didn’t feel the need to because we were saving and the money could put to better use, and guess what? I was wrong, and my hair is suffering – badly.

While perusing my Instagram timeline, I came across a post from Tamar Braxton.  She posted a photo of her hair in a ponytail, singing the praises of Simplicity Hair Oil. Like me, Tamar lost her edges postpartum, too.  The products from this line grew them back.  I checked out testimonials and reviews of their products, and was amazed by the results.  I’m sold! I’m picking up some to get healthier hair.

Get Healthier Hair_Kim Porter
My hair when it was healthier


Add some diversity to my protective styling

My protective styling for the last few months since taking out my weave, has been a top bun.  It used to be two braids or a top bun. I got lazy, I am not good at styling natural hair, so I stuck to the top bun. My edges are suffering, y’all, and that’s with using Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO) religiously.  In order to get healthier hair, and get back my edges I need to diversify my styling to include styles that don’t cause tension on my edges.

Get Healthier Hair_Protective Style

Other things I do to get healthier hair include:

  • Increasing my water intake
  • Taking vitamins – I take prenatal vitamins since we’re still TTC.  I’m on the fence about hairfinity.
  • Eating a healthy diet

I also need to find a new hair stylist in my area since I’ve moved.  If you have any suggestions for a hair stylist that is not only good at styling hair, but also takes care of your hair, and is in Nassau County, New York, please let me know.  I’d also love to hear your suggestions of things that worked for you to get healthier hair.

What are your beauty resolutions for 2015?



47 Comments on 2015 Beauty Resolution: Get Healthier Hair #TheBeautyCouncil

    • Thank you! You know I was struggling with a resolution, and then this came to me. At least I'm not alone in the hair thinning department. I've honestly never tried matte powder, even after reading about it. LOL Obviously, I do not want any help ctfu j/k.

    • My hair stylist told me after the fact. I wish I knew before hand though. At least I would have been mentally prepared.

  1. Pampering my hair back is one of my goals for this year, as well. My hair took a huge hit, last year, I added to it with my love of blonde and heat and well… Yeah. I know how to pamper my hair but keeping my paws off of my flat iron is going to be a trial for me! Hee! Hee!
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  2. This is a great resolution for sure! I'm sorry you're having to deal with thinning hair. I hope you can find the right dermatologist to help you with this!

  3. Amazing post. I totally didnt know that after babies you might thin on your hairline. Thank you for sharing that bit of info, I hope you keep us posted about how your visit goes.

    • Yes, babies ruin you! lol I'm joking. But, yeah. I believe it's the hormones. Plus, I nursed for nearly three years, and that probably didn't help either.

  4. I got arrested and my edges got away!!! LOL…. My edges got damaged badly due to glue and quickweaves. Im going to start the hairfinity again or maybe another I saw that has received great reviews called the main choice.

    • I am butt scared to try hairfinity, even though I've seen people experience awesome results. I did get the simplicity hair oil products. I'm waiting for them to arrive.

    • Thank you. It's easy to do that's why I do it. yeah, there are dermatologists that specialize in hair loss and scalp issues.

  5. After I had my eldest son, I noticed my hair was lightly thinning – but still not enough for me to worry. I had my twins 5 years later and man my hair shed and got thin. I have had to take supplements to help. I am excited to keep with how it is going for you… because maybe I can take some of your tips and incorporate it into my routine. 😉

  6. YES!!! I need this! I gotta get my puff to grow out. I been natural for a long time but it seems like I'm doing more chops and there's hardly any growth. I need to add some vitamins to my life. =D

    • How long have you been natural? For me, it's been about three years. It grew, and all of the perm is out without me having to do a big chop; however, I still have my problem areas.

  7. That braid is everything!! Good luck on your mission, mama. I need to do better with my hair regimen. I am so beyond lazy in the hair department.
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    • Thank you, Brittany. When do we ever have time to really take care of ourselves? Your daughter is younger so I'm sure she keeps you quite busy.

  8. I have heard great things about the simplicity oil, I want to try it also. My hair is pretty healthy but last year I was heavy on the heat and that was bad. If you can find a salon that does steam treatments they are amazing or do them at home if you have time.

  9. Trying to take care of my now natural hair has been such a major transition for me. I would love to wear twist outs with my natural hair but, I can never style or twist it correctly and I can't wear a faux hawk everyday lol. I've been using clip-ins but now I'm scared that the flat ironing is going to cause damage to my hair, I know it will. I need suggestions!!!

  10. I am always looking for the latest and greatest hair product for curly hair. And tell me about finding a hair stylist. Finding one that can cut curly hair is a feat! Good luck with growing your edges back – if this Simplicity oil works for you, I wonder if it would work for my hair, too. I used to use products meant for black hair when I was growing up, because there just wasn't anything for curly hair!
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