Disclosure: MUA Makeup Academy products provided for review consideration. All opinions are my own and are honest.

MUA Makeup Academy Beauty products
Over the summer, CVS launched MUA Makeup Academy, an exclusive new line of affordable, premium beauty products and tools. Although this line is exclusive to CVS/pharmacy, if you’re familiar with UK beauty brands, then the MUA Makeup Academy name stands out. MUA Makeup Academy has over 145 different beauty items from lip products (lip stains, glosses, balms, liners), to lashes, as well as professional makeup brushes.

I was able to test out some of the products from the MUA Makeup Academy line like the Liquid Lipstick in Coral, High Shine Lipstick, Extreme Shimmer Lipstick, Lip Color Crayon, MUA Pro Angled Blush Brush, and the MUA Glamour Volume Boosting Lash Kit.

I, of course, have some favorites of the items I tested, but, let’s just talk about the simple product packaging. If you’re familiar with reading my reviews, you’ll know I am ALL about simple packaging, and MUA Makeup Academy product packaging offers just that. All of the products feature the MUA Makeup Academy logo on simple black plastic tubing for the lip products, while the lashes and brushes are enclosed in typical cardboard boxes with a viewing window allowing you to see the enclosed product.

MUA MAkeup Academy Lip Products
Of the four lip products I tried, my favorites were the Lip Color Crayon in Pink, High Shine Lipstick in Cashmere, and the Extreme Shimmer Lipstick in Rosy. All three are pretty, and make for a good natural-looking shades, especially against my complexion. I especially likes the Lip Color Crayon because it kept my lips soft and moisturized.

MUA Makeup Academy Liquid Lipstick Coral
The MUA Makeup Academy Liquid lipstick in Coral was one of the products I had some trouble falling in-love with. I did like the that the color of the Liquid Lipstick held true once applied, however, I didn’t find that the texture and shade of the Liquid Lipstick in Coral suited me. Although it is well-pigmented, it was very easy to use too much. Another issue I had with it was its drying time; it dried too fast, at least for my taste. If you mess up, you have very little time to correct the problem, thus, having to wipe it off completely, which wasn’t easy, and then start again.

The  MUA Makeup Academy Glamour Boosting Lash Kit features a pair of lightweight, natural-looking synthetic eyelashes, curved eyelash applicator and glue.  The lash applicator made applying the lashes easy.  Although a bit too dramatic for day-time wear, I found they looked great for an evening out.

MUA Makeup Glamour Lashes
The MUA Makeup Academy Angled Blush brush is soft.  The angle of the brush makes it perfect for sculpting the face, as well as for effortlessly applying blush.  Also, I’ve experienced zero shedding of the hairs while using this brush.  I give it an A+ for a drugstore brand brush.

MUA Makeup Academy Contour Blush Brush
Overall, there are some great products in the CVS/pharmacy beauty brand, MUA Makeup Academy line.  Although it may take some testing out to find your favorite shades in some of the products, there is something for everyone to love. With affordable prices, $5.00 and up, you can’t beat the quality and the deal.

Makeup Academy products can be found both in-stores at your local CVS/Pharmacy or online at http://www.cvs.com/muapro for $5.00 – $24.99.


Have you tried any of the products from the  CVS/pharmacy MUA Makeup Academy line?  What are your thoughts?


Disclosure: MUA Makeup Academy products provided for review consideration. All opinions are my own and are honest.

36 Comments on Have you checked out MUA Makeup Academy Products? If not, check out my review.

  1. I've tried some Makeup Academy products from the UK, they were liquid lipsticks. I liked them. That brush looks nice. Happy to hear it doesn't shed!

    • Which shades of the liquid lipsticks did you try? The coral just seemed too cartoonish for me. Way too bright.

  2. I've heard differing accounts as to whether these are affiliated with the MUA from the UK. I hope they are, because they have some great stuff – including their eyeshadow palettes. I didn't see any of those listed online, but hopefully they're on their way. That coral lippie is uh, interesting, but not to my taste. I love the way Cashmere looks on you, though!

    • I've heard different things about it being affiliated with the MUA from UK as well, but I think it is. if they aren't I'll update the post.

  3. Ooooohhh those products look awesome. I am digging that bright lippie for sure. I think I need to try these products ASAP!

  4. I actually have a few of the products from the UK line, I really liked the eyeshadows I had gotten!
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  5. I love the coral color but I can see from the photo your complaint about the texture. I also hate when lip stains dry too fast or look dry on my lips (although yours doesn't look dry at all). I only wear a certain ones because most of them dry me out. Those lashes look really nice and natural. Brush looks great as well!
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