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I attended the debut of the Roloxin Lift, an instant wrinkle-smoothing treatment, by Dermarché Labs, which took at the SoHo New York City location of SpaceNK.  During the event I got to test out Roloxin Lift, and chat with one of the founding partners of Dermarché Labs.

You’re probably wondering why in the world would I attend an event geared towards a product that instantly smooths wrinkles, right? Well, if you read my blog you’d know that at the tender age of 29, I am all about prevention.  Plus, I always like getting the scoop on new skincare and beauty products, and sharing it with my readers.

What is Roloxin Lift?

Roloxin Lift is part of Demarche Lab’s new category of skincare products: instant skincare.  Roloxin Lift claims to immediately reduce – I’m talking within 7-10 minutes- the appearance of both wrinkles and pores, thus giving wrinkles a smoother look and texture, as well as provide a more even skin tone.

Roloxin Lift has a unique formulation of hydrophilic acid and hydrophobic silica particles, which “form a latticework” over the skin to create a bright, smooth, luminous appearance.

Roloxin Lift in action

My Thoughts

Although I have no wrinkles, and was told “You have perfect skin.  You don’t need anything, really.” I still gave the product a try.  It was all in good fun, and after rinsing off Roloxin Lift I was left with smoother skin than what I’d walked in with.

The process: Prior to applying Roloxin Lift I had to remove all of my makeup, except my eyeshadow and brows.  Afterwards,  I wet my skin, activated the packet, and then applied Roloxin Lift. After about 5 minutes of having on Roloxin Lift, I noticed my skin tingling, and it tightening as the product dried.  Once the product was completely dry, the tingling stopped, and my face was tight! It was time to rinse.  After rinsing, there was still tightness, and I was reassured the tigthness was not due to the product drying out the skin, but, in fact, due to the product working.  This is why it’s recommended to moisturize immediately after using the product so I used Eve Lom Day Cream.

Roloxin Lift
Although I cannot attest to the anti-aging properties of Roloxin Lift, I do know that it did smooth out my skin; my skin was baby soft afterwards.  The makeup artist who re-applied my makeup again, complimented me on my skin.  He didn’t even use a primer prior to applying the Laura Mercier Foundation, and it went on smoothly.

What I like about Roloxin Lift

My skin was smooth

My skin was radiant & healthy-looking

My makeup went on better

It doesn’t breakdown makeup

It isn’t time consuming

You can follow your regular skincare regiment after using it

The only thing I didn’t like about the Roloxin Lift product was the price.  I mean, I just bought a house;  I’m on a budget, so splurging on skincare is the last thing on my mind, but I did like the results.

To experience Roloxin Lift’s instant results, it’s going to put you back a pretty penny; 10 treatments for $110 (or $270/ 30).  The good thing about Roloxin Lift is that you get more than enough product in one packet for your face that you may even be able to get two applications from one packet, thus cutting costs in half.  If you have the money to splurge, and are looking to smooth out some fine lines and wrinkles, minimize pores, or just experience smoother skin, period, Roloxin Lift can be purchased at or

 Is Roloxin Lift a product you would want to try?

Disclosure: I attended a media preview event, and was provided product for review consideration.  All opinions are my own and are honest.

27 Comments on Debut of Roloxin Lift by Dermarché Labs at SpaceNK in SoHo + Mini Review

  1. This sounds interesting, I definitely think I'll be more willing to shell out the $$ for this stuff when I feel like I'm aging, but I bet NOW, before my skin is looking older, is when I really need to start doing it!

  2. You know, when someone who isn't a skin expert tells me my skin is perfect, I take it as a compliment rather than a fact. You know your skin better than anyone else and you should use whatever treatment you feel necessary to make yourself feel good 🙂
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    • Actually, the person(s) who did compliment my skin were skin experts. In fact, it was one of the founding partners of Dermarche labs, who helped develop products like Restalyne and Dysport…

  3. This sounds super interesting. And girl you totally have gorgeous skin. I so want to try this!!!

  4. Oh dang! That price is steeeep. But hey, the things we'll pay for beauty, right?
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  5. I am 47 and use Peter Thomas Roth products which are awesome. I got a free sample of Roloxin and was truly amazed at the lift! It really did bring my face back in time. Tightened my jawline and my complexion was so smooth. The price is steep but I would use this for special occasions. Heartbroken when I was back to my normal slightly saggy self the next day.

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