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Vacation for most people is the time to regroup, de-stress, have fun, and relax.  Most of the time, post vacation is when you come back looking and feeling fresh and refreshed.  It’s also important, at least for me, to make sure to look good and feel my best right before vacation.  How do I do that?  I get ready for vacation by indulging in certain beauty treatments just a few days before I am ready to take off.

Below is a list of beauty treatments I think are important to do to get ready for vacation.

1. Bikini or Brazilian Wax

Waxing has been somewhat of a ritual for me, especially prior to leaving for a beach vacation.  Having a clean bikini area is essential when lounging by the pool or on the beach. To avoid redness while on vacation, and puffiness caused by waxing, it’s best to have this service completed a few days ahead of your travel date.  My favorite place for a Brazilian wax is Shobha. If you’re the DIY type, my favorite at-home wax is Bliss Poetic Wax (review).  You can purchase the kit from for $48.

2. Manicure 

Gel manicures are my go-to manicures for vacations. Why? Because they last. I don’t have to worry about chipping polish while on vacation, and my nails looking raggedy.  Who looks cute with not so cute nails?  My favorite place for affordable gel manicures is Pure Nail Salon in Brooklyn (Instagram). Ask for Jessie.

Calgel Nails Pure Nail Salon Brooklyn

3.  Pedicure

Manicures are important, and so are pedicures, especially if you’re going to wear open toe shoes/sandals during your vacation.  This upcoming vacation, my toes will be painted with Zoya’s ‘Thandie’.  For my pedicures, depending on how much time I have and my budget, I go to Polish Bar Brooklyn or Dashing Diva.

4. Eyebrows

Whether you wax, thread, or pluck,  having your eyebrows groomed a few days prior to vacation is important. Trust me, okay, it is! Get those bad boys done, and you’ll thank me later.

5.  Hair

I like to have my hair done one or two days before I leave for vacation. Hair completes the look.  I always go for a worry-free style like a curly or wavy install as seen below.

Beach Vacation Curly Hair

Check out the beauty items I travel with on vacation here.


Are there any beauty treatments you have to do in order to get ready for vacation?


Disclosure: All opinions are my own and are honest. Affiliate link.

29 Comments on Get Ready for Vacation with these Beauty Treatments

    • A face mask is a good thing to do. If I could afford it, I'd splurge for a facial or spa day before vacationing.

  1. These are my top things to do before vaca! : ) Especially get a mani and pedi and my eyebrows done. Love the nail color. Sometimes if I plan to go swimming or traveling to someplace humid like Miami I ditch getting my hair done because it will get messed up day 1.

  2. Great picks! I hate when my polish chips when I’m on vacation. I love the choices of pedicure colors too.

    Would love if you check out my blog

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