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What is it?

Becca The One Perfecting Brush is made with non-porous, high-quality goat hair allows product to sit on top of bristles rather than absorbing, ensuring a seamless application with no wasted product.  The bristles are free of dye; they will not lose shape or softness over time.  The shape and finish of the Becca One Perfecting Brush handle aim to provide controlled product application during your makeup application routine.

The bristles are densely packed in a 3.5 inch horizontal design allowing you to effortlessly and evenly cover larger or smaller surface areas. The density of the brush creates a smooth, even, and airbrushed application every time, making it easy to use for novice and professional makeup users.  Flat edges fit the linear contours of your face, while curved corners allow for targeted, more precise application. Long, flexible bristles make a variety of application techniques possible including: targeted application, stippling, blending, contouring, and highlighting.

My Thoughts:   



Becca The One Perfecting Brush palm

Becca The One Perfecting Brush is what I’d say could be the swiss army knife of makeup application tools; it is advertised as ONE brush that can do the job of 10 other brushes, thus simplifying your makeup routine.  Call me crazy for being skeptical of this claim, but, I am not going to lie, I did not believe it.  If you look at the brush and how large it is, how can it possibly replace all of the following brushes: foundation brush, powder brush, contour brush, bronzer brush, stipple brush, blush brush, fan brush, concealer brush, kabuki, or sponge?  Another concern I had prior to using the Becca The One Perfecting Brush was product build-up on the brush after applying my makeup, and the possibility of it destroying my powder blushers, bronzers, and face products.

The Becca The One Perfecting Brush is extremely soft, and even though it looks large – it’s about the size of the palm of my hand – it’s extremely light-weight.  It’s actually lighter than some of my large powder brushes.



Becca The One Perfecting Brush (3) Becca The One Perfecting Brush



The Becca The One Perfecting Brush easily worked well for the following:


I’ve tried the brush with both cream and liquid foundation (I don’t use powder foundation).  I think the brush works best, and uses less product when dotting the foundation on the areas you need coverage, and then blending with the broad side of the brush

Applying Highlighter:

I used my MAC Iridescent Loose Powder in Golden Bronze to highlight my cheek bones by using the narrow surface of the brush.


Using the narrow surface of the brush, sweep brush under cheekbones, down sides of nose, and around temples. This is probably one of the best uses for this brush.  The brush can get under your cheekbones with no problem.  It actually makes contouring easy for a beginner.


Using the corner of the brush, buff into apples of cheeks using a circular motion and blend out.


Becca The One Perfecting Brush 2

What I didn’t like

What I didn’t like about the Becca The One Perfecting brush was the size.  It wasn’t’t easy for me to get into areas such as the corners of my nose and under my eyes without a lot of manipulating of the brush.

The brush is supposed to decrease your makeup application time by decreasing the number of brushes used during makeup application, but, having to clean the brush in between makeup application makes it just as tasking as using different brushes.

After removing the Becca The One Perfecting Brush from the packaging and just playing around with it, I lost some hairs.  I thought I could remedy the problem by cleansing the brush since I know that has worked for me in the past.  Therefore, I washed it with my Clean Brush Shampoo, and the brush still shed. That’s the kind of stuff I do not like! Uggh! I don’t like feeling shed brush hairs on my face while I’m doing my makeup, and plucking them off after.

FYI: Becca recommends cleaning the brush every two weeks.  I deep cleaned my brush weekly. I’m just anal about having clean brushes. The brush takes a while to dry, so keep that in mind.

Would I recommend the Becca The One Perfecting Brush?

When it comes down to affordability, either way you slice it, the Becca The One Perfecting Brush at $49 is a great buy.  If for you it replaces 10 brushes, that breaks down to $4.90 per brush. Most brushes are $9.00+ each.  Even if it only replaces 4-5 brushes, it’s still less than purchasing five different brushes.  The fact that it even replaces 4-5 brushes makes it good to tote around in your makeup bag, and for traveling.   My only concern is the shedding.  It sheds way too much for me.

Recommendations:  I think the brush should be a little bit smaller to accommodate people with smaller hands and smaller faces.  Also, since the brush sheds a lot, at least for me, that’s an issue that needs to be worked on.


Becca The One Perfecting Brush ($49) is sold exclusively at Sephora/


Is the Becca The One Perfecting Brush something you’d purchase? Why or why not?

Disclosure:  Product was provided for review consideration by iFABBO.  I was not compensated for this post. All opinions are my own and are honest.

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  1. I think it's most useful for travel and with powders.
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  2. I have one similar to this from NARS. I wonder if they are comparable.
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  3. This is my favorite contouring brush.
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    • I've read all of the great reviews. I'm not sure if it's just hype or if I got a bad brush. The shedding I'm experience is a turn-off

    • I'm going to post a video demo… But yeah, I can use it for a few things, not ten. I was talking with April from Glitter Gloss Garbage… she thinks I may have gotten a bad one. But, someone else I know is experience a ton of shedding, too. I'm not sure if the rave reviews are just hype or if they really like it. There are a few ppl whose opinions I trust… phyrra, April, Blinging Beauty

      Brushes… let me know 🙂 lol

  4. This seems so technical. I would rather use different brushes so I can just grab and go. Maybe I'm just lazy, but this seems like it would make my life more hectic lol

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