Disclosure:  Product was provided to Makeup by Kim Porter for review consideration by the company through iFabbo.  All opinions are my own, and are 100% honest. perlier crackling body water lemon sorbet refreshing ice granita


Perlier introduced their Crackling Body Water the earlier part of the summer as a refreshing, cool treat for your skin when the heat and humidity become too much. Knowing how unforgiving summers in New York City are, when I first saw the Perlier Crackling Body Water Lemon Sorbet Refreshing Ice Granita, I was intrigued, and couldn’t wait to try it.  In fact, lemon granita’s are my favorite summertime treat, I like to make for my husband and myself.

My Thoughts:

When I received my Perlier Crackling Body Water Lemon Sorbet Refreshing Ice Granita from iFabbo courtesy of Perlier, I immediately popped open the package and posted a picture on instagram, then I tried it.  Really, what would life be without instagram?

My first reaction was of course to the scent, once you spray it on you get a burst of lemon that doesn’t linger too long, which I like since I am not a fan of citrus fragrances for myself. The scent itself is refreshing; however, I believe for me, that’s where the experience ended.  Beyond the Perlier Crackling Body Water Lemon Sorbet Refreshing Ice Granita reminding me of what the 70’s candy, Pop Rocks would feel like if I added water to them and held it in my hand, I was not impressed.  Maybe I expected more or too much.  Maybe it was the consistency of the product that left me thinking “What is this?”  It’s fun, yes, but, it’s not more than that – for me. It’s not really moisturizing, and not really cooling.  It’s just a good novelty item with a refreshing scent.

Needless to say, it isn’t something I would purchase, especially costing $24.00 per 5 fl oz on HSN.com.  There are people who love this product, maybe that will be you.  I’m a big fan of not knocking something until you try it.  Normally, I love Perlier items, but this one left me with a bit of sour taste in my mouth. Ha, did you see that? No pun intended. Really.

Have you tried the Perlier Crackling Body Water Lemon Sorbet?

What do you think?


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