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Ardency Inn Punker

Makeup artist, James Vincent who is famous for working with rock stars, and is the director of artistry and education for Ardency Inn, spoke nothing but goodness about the Ardency Inn Punker Eyeliner.  If you know James, and you know about his little brown bag, which is his makeup kit, you know just how serious he is about his makeup, tools, and what really works.  I’ve seen the product demo’d via his social media accounts, and during The Makeup Show blogger preview, and was excited to finally have the baddest felt tip eyeliner of all time.

What is the Ardency Inn Punker eyeliner?

Ardency Inn Punker Eyeliner is a liquid liner with a fine point, felt tip applicator that makes it easy to draw any shape of cat eye precisely and instantly,  from the most subtle to the most dramatic.

  • Quick-dry long lasting formula eliminates smudging
  • Glycerin allows for a smooth glide-on application
  • Short and thick “maker pen” design allows for optimum control during application
  • For optimum ink flow, store horizontally and wipe the tip with a tissue after use

My thoughts:

Ahh! I can honestly say that I’ve retired the bulk of my eyeliners, and have used the Ardency Inn Punker eyeliner from the day I got it even up until now.  Needless to say, I am, indeed, OBSESSED with it.  Just check my instagram for the flawless application of a true black winged eyeliner, which I can’t seem to part with.  I also love the versatility of the product. You can smudge the liner, or do more dramatic winged liner.  Have you tried a double winged liner and failed?  Try doing it with the Ardency Inn Punker eyeliner, it will work.  It’s really easy for a novice to use, too.

I would recommend this liner if you’re looking for a black liner that will help you perfect your winged eyeliner and/or cat eye.  To me, it’s worth the $19, since I’ve had mine since May, and it has yet to dry out, and is working as good as it has from day one.  Now, if only Ardency Inn made the liner in more colors, like purple or blue, I’d be even more happy. .:Hint, Hint:.

Retail: $19

Where to purchase:  ArdencyInnstore.com or exclusively at Sephora or Sephora.com


Have you tried the Ardency Inn Punker Eyeliner?

What are your thoughts on it?

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8 Comments on Review: The Baddest Felt Tip Eyeliner of All Time – Ardency Inn Punker

  1. It sounds like a great liner! I've been wondering about the line. I bought one of the lipsticks to try out.
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  2. It looks great on you but I think I am too technically challenged for felt tips. I have more luck with a soft brush that moves with my hand, but even then I still screw up 98% of the time haha.

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