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Nurturing Force Blot out Offensive Cream

I’ve heard plenty great things about Nurturing Force products from fellow makeup artists either through the grapevine or from assisting.  Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to try out their products. Nurturing Force always has a booth at The Makeup Show, and this year they provided beauty bloggers, like myself a sample of the Nurturing Force Blot Out Offensive Cream.

About Nurturing Force Blot Out Offensive Cream

Blot Out Offensive™ instant matte cream primer, with antioxidants + anti-aging naturally, was originally developed for the Professional Make-Up Artists working in the HDTV, Stage & Film Industries. Make-Up Artists mentioned their problems with controlling oil secretion throughout the day, their problems of makeup lasting & adhering on Brides going through hormonal changes, their problems with skin impacted & damaged by harsh working environments, with extreme temperatures, stressful long hours plus lack of rest. With the High Definition Cameras, Digital Cameras & HDTV you are able to see these results, every minute detail of your skin. Nurturing Force® listened to their needs & developed Blot Out Offensive™ for sensitive, over worked skin. By solving their problems, we met the needs of women, men & teen consumers with our soothing, non-oily, without alcohol or harsh ingredients skincare.

The Nurturing Force Blot Out Offensive Cream is an HD primer, shine and oil control cream, and moisture barrier cream in one.  This product can be used with all types of makeup, from airbrush, cream, liquid, powders and mineral makeup. It can even be worn alone to mattify oily skin.  Since the Nurturing Force Blot Out Offensive Cream doesn’t contain alcohol, it isn’t drying to the skin, and is moisturizing; therefore decreasing the need to use an additional moisturizer prior to application.  Making one less step in your beauty routine.

 My Thoughts

As I mentioned previously, I’ve heard great things about the Nurturing Force Blot out Offensive Cream.  I used to hate wearing makeup when it’s warm or just blazing hot out in fear of it melting away.  I’ve tried other primers, and I’ve even used milk of magnesia, which does work by the way.  The only thing with using milk of magnesia on your skin for long periods can make you break out more or dry it out.  Plus, it can get a little messy.  The Nurturing Force Blot out Offensive Cream lives up to its claims, and allows my makeup to stay all day in the hot & humid weather, and keeps oil and shine away.  It also doesn’t break down my makeup. For added security, I’ve even tried using it under milk of magnesia along with my Model in A Bottle setting spray – talk about staying power! OMG, the day the weather was over 90 degrees and humid, I was surprised my face was still on, and looked just as good as when I first applied it.

The Nurturing Force Blot out Offensive Cream is easy to apply, and a little goes a long way. Since it is fast absorbing, and I do mean fast, you must work with it quickly.  I’ve applied it with my fingers, a foundation brush, and even a sponge.  I find that using my fingers works best.  The great thing about this product is that it works well with all makeup types, so you don’t have to worry if something in it will breakdown your foundation in  a few hours.  Although the Nurturing Force Blot out Offensive Cream claims it can be used with all skin types, I must caution you that if you do have dry skin patches, this product will accentuate that.

I’ve also used the Nurturing Force Blot out Offensive Cream on my eyelids which tend to get oily, and it works well there, too!

The Nurturing Force Blot out Offensive Cream 0.5 oz jar costs $24  and can be purchased from the Nurturing Force website.  I would definitely recommend purchasing this product, especially if you tend to have oily skin.  I love this product so much, I even purchased an additional one to use on clients for my kit.  I can’t wait to try other Nurturing Force products.


What do you currently use to control oil and shine?  Do you wear makeup in the summer?

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