AJ Crimson Beauty Balm Launch Event

Yesterday evening had to be one of the best evenings I’ve had in a while.  I attended the AJ Crimson Beauty Balm Launch event, which was held at the beautiful, trendy Shoreham Hotel in Midtown Manhattan.   AJ Crimson actually had a contest to gain entry into his event, and I won!  How exciting, right?  The event was nice and intimate, which I love.  It afforded me the opportunity to mix and mingle with not only AJ, but with other people in attendance.


AJ Crimson Beauty Balm Launch Event Makeup by Lerenda
Tulle McKenzie AKA Bridal Bestie getting color matched by Lerenda


During the event, attendees were color matched to AJ Crimson’s BB+D Creams, which I’ve reviewed on this blog, and wear nearly every day.  Just check my instagram account (MakeupbyKimPorter) for proof.   Beauty by Lerenda was one of the makeup artists assisting AJ with this task.  She’s a doll! It was my first time meeting her outside of social networks; we’re both members of The Powder Group Pro. I also met Buchi, with whom I interact with on a regular basis via instagram.  Both ladies are sweet, and talented.


AJ Crimson Beauty Balm Launch Event

The AJ Crimson Beauty Balm Launch event was not only for showcasing  AJ Crimson’s BB+D Cream’s and provided color matching, he also debut his commercial for AJ Crimson Beauty, in which three of his longtime friends and clients Letoya Luckett, Alexandra Burke, and Adrienne Bailon are featured.  AJ says he chose these three women to represent his brand because “These women are a perfect representation of our extended shade range.”   I’m super excited for him.  He has so much more coming up in the future!

About AJ Crimson BB+D Creams

AJ Crimson BB+D creams come in 11 shades, offering full coverage without feeling heavy or unnatural, and is has added skin benefits, such as:

– Sodium hyaluronate helps with Anti-aging

-Vitamin C helps with sun damage repair or dark spot lightening

-Evening out of skin tone

-Vegetable  Growth Hormones help fight  free radicals

-Adds moistures and plumps the skin due to silk peptides

–  The flower extract helps heal scars, acne and treats bacteria


Check my review to find out more about it AJ Crimson BB+D Cream Review

You’re probably wondering what made my night, right?  Adrienne Bailon, who is one of the faces of AJ’s beauty products, was in attendance, and she had on a bangin’ white dress and shoes.  I mean to die for!  Her makeup was on-point, too! That’s not what made it thought.  I not only got a chance to meet AJ Crimson again, I also had the chance of meeting some of his friends, like Mikki Taylor and my makeup idol and mentor in my head, Sam Fine!  Two greats in ONE night! Can you understand why I’m still beaming?!?



AJ Crimson Beauty Balm Launch Event, Mikki Taylor AJ Crimson Beauty Balm Launch Event Sam Fine

I’m not sure if you remember, but, I met Sam Fine maybe two years ago where we chatted at a local coffee shop in our neighborhood.  He is so down to Earth, which made me love him, his work, and who he is even more!  We caught up with what’s new in my life like me getting married and becoming a mom.  He joked “It’s she’s not mine.”  I told him I hope to run into him again, he replied “Make it happen.”  As chance would have it, I ran into him only a few hours later in the ‘hood at Ursula Stephens’ event. I love how he is so humble, and open to meeting. It is also convenient that we’re in the same ‘hood.  I need to take better advantage of that.

I thank AJ Crimson for inviting me to his AJ Crimson Beauty Balm Launch Event, it was a great experience.  I aspire to do as well as he is in the beauty industry.

AJ Crimson BB+D Cream retails for $34 and is available at http://www.ajcrimson.com


Celebrity Makeup Artists, Sam Fine and Merrell Hollis
Celebrity Makeup Artists, Sam Fine and Merrell Hollis


Have you tried the AJ Crimson BB+D Creams?

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    • Maybe someone you know is going to the Orlando show and can pick it up for you? Yes, they're calling it a BB+D cream
      What day did you attend the show? I went on Monday

  1. Thanks for the clarification. I was there both days but I arrived after 2 on both days. I saw the pic of you & AJ on Instagram and I said I missed her again! Next time though.

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