Burnt Almond Oil Treatment
Eyebrows after Burnt Almond Oil Treatment


After having my make-up professionally done I realized what a huge difference having my lashes and eyebrows make.  Both my lashes and eyebrows are thin, so on a regular day I use a brow pencil to fill them in, and use a mascara brush to add depth.  While searching lifebooker.com I came across an eyelash extension deal for a salon located in downtown Manhattan, Majestic Beauty Salon at 30 Ann Street.

I went there just for my lashes, but he (Lazar) asked me if I wanted a complete look.  Lazar took his time and did a fabulous job with threading my brows ($12).  He then asked if I would like to have a burnt almond oil treatment (an additional $7).  Apparently, almond oil contains Vitamin E, Vitamin D, magnesium and calcium, all of which are necessary for healthy hair growth and follicle stimulation.  Naturally, my brows are very thin, so when he offered this brow thickening treatment, I obliged.

At the beginning of the burnt almond oil treatment, Lazar lit his applicator which formed a dark charcoal pigment on the skin, which he could lighten if necessary.  After the treatment, I was instructed not to wash the area for a day to allow the oil to penetrate, and to visit every week for a treatment ($3) and within a month I will see my eyebrows thickening.  I absolutely love the look of my brows.  They look fuller, and natural.

I go back weekly for the almond treatment and every 2 weeks for threading.  I do see a prominent difference in the hair growth.
I would highly recommend the salon.

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Eyebrows after Burnt Almond Oil Treatment and eyelash extensions from Majestic Beauty Salon

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Guest Post by Rasheena W.

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