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Spring/Summer for the most part means wedding season.  Just as important as the dress, is makeup.  Many women spend countless hours online and sitting in a makeup artists chair trying to achieve the perfect look for their wedding day that not only compliments their dress, but also doesn’t take away from their natural beauty.

While in the past, and some women still crave the natural makeup look for their wedding day, spring/summer 2013 has brought in some new wedding day makeup trends for today’s bride.  Below are my favorite wedding day makeup trends for spring/summer 2013.


Wedding Wednesday fresh faced no makeup
This is not my work

Nude or No Makeup, Makeup Look

I’ve said this time, and time again: Skin is in!  The nude look is the perfect look for women who want their dress to be the real center of attention (as it should be).  It’s also best for those women who tend to shy away from bold makeup looks as well.  The first step to achieving this look begins with good, clear skin; the better the condition of your skin, the better nude make-up will look on you.


I loved Janelle Monae’s look at the 2011 Grammy’s


Wedding Wednesday Janelle Monae Grammys 2011

Clean, defined eyeliner

Neatly define your eyes using a liquid liner or fine tip brush dipped in an opaque gel liner.  If you’re worried about making a mess with the liner, there are new, mess-free eyeliner strips that make it easier to achieve this look.  Make sure you use a neutral eyeshadow as a base, and of course, prime your eyelids prior to applying any eyeshadow.  Keep the bottom lashes free of any eye makeup, and you will have a clean, fresh, and polished look for your wedding day.

Smoky Eye

I think every woman loves a smoky eye, even if they’ve tried doing it themselves and failed, there’s some part of them that still wants it.  A soft smoky eye Is perfect for a romantic daytime wedding, you can also go bold and a little darker with it for an evening wedding.  Smoky eyes, to me are also glamorous, and add that extra touch of special to the bride on her wedding day.

Smoky eyes do not have to be the conventional black and grey; get bold and add a hint of color.   By adding a shade of color (you’re most comfortable with) will give make your eyes pop even more.

Wedding Wednesday Blue Smoky Eye
This is not my work

Highlight your best feature

The nude makeup look may not be your style, neither is the smoky eye.  You may love your cheekbones, lips, brows or eyes better than any other feature on your face, and for your wedding day, you may choose to highlight your best feature.  Bring attention to your lips by using a bold shade, highlight and contour your cheekbones.



Wedding Wednesday Jason Wu Bold Lip
Jason Wu runway show bold, matte lip


Whatever it is you love most, make sure you convey that to your makeup artist, so that he or she can give you the wedding day makeup look you want.

What spring/summer 2013 wedding day makeup trend is your favorite?



Just an FYI:  Wedding Wednesday post series will be a bi-weekly series instead of weekly.  If you want to know more about Wedding Wednesdays, read my introductory post here.


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