Spring and summer have to be my favorite months for beauty.  Why you ask?  Due to the range of colors that can be used is why I love spring and summer.  I mean, I do use bright pinks during the winter, but, it just seems more appropriate during the warmer months.

Inglot cosmetics, is helping you stay on-top of Spring 2013 beauty trends, and help you get your pop of color, golden bronze glow, all while being fresh faced through their latest products, which launch TOMORROW, March 9, 2013!

Freedom Lipsticks


There are now 10 new lipsticks for the freedom system in bright, spring-friendly colors! My personal favorites are:  #’s 95, 96, 97, 98, 99.


 INGLOT Cosmetics freedom system new lipsticks



INGLOT introduces a revolutionary new Mattifying Powder 3S (standing for Sport, Stage, Studio).  Using the latest in cosmetic science and technology INGLOT has compressed the round sphere like particles of a translucent powder into a pressed powder form without the addition of any oil. Perfect for removing shine at home or on the go, the excess oil and sebum absorbing particles provide the wearer with the ideal flawless matte finish. Whilst the non-comedogenic, non-acnegenic, talc free formula prevents





$38.00 for 16g and $16.00 for the pro packaging in 2.5g

INGLOT has used cutting edge technology to design a new collection of Mattifying Loose Powders that finishes off every skin tone with absolute flawlessness.  Knock those under eye bags and brighten your skin with sheer coverage.  These powders will be available in three shades: white, banana, beige, and each will boast a sheer formula for perfect coverage and matte skin.   The light consistency not only absorbs oil, but promises for long-lasting results, while leaving skin with a natural, soft focus effect.

Hmm is this a Ben Nye Banana powder dupe?  I’d have to try it out to see!


Sparkling Dust


INGLOT Cosmetics launches Sparkling Dust so you can achieve that sultry all over glow. This subtle yet highly pigmented loose highlighting powder is the perfect shade to be used on any skin tone. Whether you are highlighting cheekbones, neckline, or all over the body this powder adds a touch of magic to your skin.  INGLOT Sparkling Dust can be used alone or mixed into INGLOT foundations to achieve that healthy glow.  We recommend applying with INGLOT brush 1ss/s blush brush.



Are you going to pick up any of these new INGLOT Products? If, so, what?

Disclosure:  Information was provided by the company or its PR for informational purposes.  I was not compensated in anyway for this post.

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